Tebas: “Everything that has happened in the RFEF has done a lot of damage internationally”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has assured that everything that happened around the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has done “a lot of damage internationally” to Spanish football, and has called for “working” to recover its prestige.

“Everything that has happened has done a lot of damage internationally, and we must recover the international image of Spanish football. We must go to the places, recognize the mistakes that have been made in all this time and work to make the World Cup a reality” , he pointed out this Saturday in Valencia after the ‘Fight against piracy in sporting events’ event, organized by LaLiga.

Furthermore, he stressed that these controversies had been going on for a long time. “What they have been denouncing is a problem that existed within the RFEF itself, not only with them, in general. If some did not know it, they were clumsy,” he stated. “Will it be possible to carry out more coordinated management? Let’s hope so, but we still need to know the decisions of the Territorials, where RFEF football is going… There is still a way to go, but it is a step,” he added. he.

The president of the employers’ association also stressed that they will not promote any candidate for the presidency of the RFEF. “We are not going to lead any candidate, because in the face of the crisis that has occurred, the Territorials themselves have to come out, which are the ones that have coexisted with the previous president. They have to find a solution among themselves. It would be bad to get in the way. They don’t do There is a lack of ‘outsider’ candidates, now is not the time,” he said.

However, he did not want to evaluate the action of the Spanish players against Sweden, when they came out with a banner with the message ‘It’s over’ and wristbands in support of Jenni Hermoso. “I don’t want to go into evaluating the banner or the gestures they have made. They are free to do what they want to continue claiming what has happened to them and the changes that the RFEF needed. I don’t value if it seems good or bad to me, I can’t go into it. to value every gesture,” he declared.


In another order of things, Tebas “does not” consider the presence of Peter Lim as Valencia’s largest shareholder “detrimental” to LaLiga. “LaLiga does not like social conflict but it does not affect the LaLiga brand. What can affect LaLiga is that Valencia wins more championships. If Peter Lim asks me for help to find a buyer for his shareholding, he will have all of our help. If the owner wants to leave because he is tired of his property, my obligation is to offer him a way out that is most beneficial for the club,” he said.

In addition, he regretted the criticism from fans of the Singaporean businessman. “When things go wrong, he is responsible, but when he won the Copa del Rey, he was also responsible. Valencia is in fourth place – fifth after Athletic’s victory -, they will also be responsible,” he said.

He also spoke about the need to finish the new Valencian stadium. “The problem is not that Valencia does not want to use it, the problem is that there are urban planning regulations to be able to use it. What we want is that, as soon as possible, the New Mestalla is put into operation, for the good of Valencia. I believe that “If they want Lim to sell one day, it is easier if the New Mestalla is done,” he stressed. “For Valencia to be a World Cup city it has to be in the new stadium, not with the old one,” he said.

“What Valencia wants is to finish the New Mestalla as soon as possible and for the city to have a first-class stadium, as is happening in many cities; a 21st century stadium, which is what Valencia, its fans and the city deserve. city. Now, the stadiums transcend the weekend game, they are much more,” he concluded.