Tchouaméni is worth a million

Seventy million euros. At the price of gold he intends to sell Monaco to Tchouaméni, 22-year-old midfielder of Cameroonian descent who is becoming a sensation in France. The main teams in Europe (PSG, United, Chelsea and Juve) have joined the interest of Madrid, that has accelerated the conversations with Monaco in recent dates after he obtained an option from the player and his agent by which they claimed to give priority to the white entity. But Madrid has run into a wall due to the high claims of Monaco.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

This has cooled Madrid’s idea of ​​signing a replacement for Casemiro, one of the best in Europe in his position. Hence Ancelotti’s words in the press conference prior to Espanyol, when asked if Madrid needed to sign someone there: “Do not. We don’t need backup in this position. I have the replacement in the template. Many players can play there. Camavinga or Kroos can play in this position. In the second half against Sevilla, Kroos played as a pivot…”.

Madrid does not throw in the towel and He hopes that Tchouaméni himself and his agent, the same one who represents Koundé, will force the price to drop, at least, to a range of between 50 and 60 million.

Foto de Aurelien Tchouameni

Monaco is a selling club, but they don’t sell cheap. He already took 80 million from Madrid for James after the 2014 World Cup. The white club understands that 70 million is more a price to pay for a striker, not for a midfielder. On the other hand, it will be the first time that he negotiates with the new CEO of the entity owned by the Russian Rybolóvlev. It is the Uruguayan Juan Sartori, son-in-law of the owner, who now negotiates on his behalf. He has been in charge for three months… a complete unknown to the bosses of the main clubs on the continent.