Tamara Gorro, pictured after denying her friend Albert Rivera’s new relationship: the photos of Ibiza explode in her face

Tamara Beanie He quickly came out to deny the relationship between Malú’s ex, Albert Riveraand the Catalan actress of Moroccan origin Aysha Daraaui. In the Sonsoles Ónega farmhouse on Antena 3, the influencer said last week after the first images of both of them came to light in Ibiza: “From this program we completely deny that Albert Rivera is with Aysha, that he is his partner or any another woman, is false”.

Ezequiel Garay’s ex-wife added: “The trip is a trip with friends because Albert comes from a recent breakup, everyone knows that with a breakup you need the love of your family or your friends.”

On that occasion the two were photographed walking around Ibiza and in the sea off the Pitiusa island. It is necessary to remember that with them they were also begona villacis and the actors Antonio Velazquez y Macarena Gomez. The latter, moreover, accompanied by her husband, Aldo Comas. The complicity of the former politician and the interpreter of you shall not kill y The innocent It was evidence of their special relationship, but Tamara denied that they were more than friends.

This Wednesday a new report from his holiday weekend in Lectures. These images leave no room for doubt: kisses on the ear while Albert and Aysha soak in the sea and lots of cuddling. She also showed off her topless figure and black bikini bottoms, while he photographed her from the water.

The actress denied it and the former politician was upset

“There is no relationship, it is news based on speculation and malicious images taken out of context,” Daraaui herself said last week through her representative.

The Catalan lawyer also reacted to the claims that he was “excited” with this actress. “What time are you in, Albert?” asked a reporter from Public mirror on the escalators at the airport. “Really, this is tacky. Here in the middle of people bothering others, really…”, he replied.

“Okay, calm down?”, the partner insisted, but he jumped again: “But what question is that? I never talk to the gossip, not even in my life. I have never done it and I never will to do”.

At the end of juneLuis Rollan, a friend of Malú, confirmed the breakup of the singer and the former leader of Ciudadanos. They began dating in 2019, generating a real stir in the political world and the heart. In June 2020 the little girl was born Lucyher first daughter and his second child, who also has Danielaeleven years old, the result of his relationship with the psychologist Marion Saperas.