Álvaro Robles and María Xiao rise to eighth place in the world ranking of table tennis mixed doubles


The Spanish couple formed by Álvaro Robles and María Xiao continue to make history and have reached eighth place in the world ranking of table tennis mixed doubles, their best ranking to date and a great step towards qualifying for the Olympic Games. Paris 2024, as reported by the RFETM on Wednesday.

The national duo has reached this position after achieving victory, their first on the circuit, in the WTT Contender in Lima, with 400 points, after touching it in the WTT Feeder in Fort Lauderdale (United States), in which they reached the final , its previous top. In addition, in the European they reached the quarterfinals, and in the World Cup, the eighths.

The next step for Xiao and Robles is the WTT Contender in Rio de Janeiro, where they will seek to continue propping up the qualification for the Olympic event, something they already touched on in Tokyo 2020. They can access Paris through a European qualification test, which grants a place ; a world championship, which awards four; or ultimately by the ranking, which distributes five.