Tamara Gorro, mother by surrogacy, defends Obregón: “I did not pay the surrogate and I am sure that Ana did not either”

The talk show host is outraged. The debate and controversy that has been generated after maternity by surrogacy of Ana Obregon at 68 years old it makes him remember old wounds. And it is that Tamara Beanie She was the mother of her first daughter thanks to a surrogate in the United States. She then was also criticized a lot: “They did me a lot of harm. A lot of hate is encouraged.”

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Ezequiel Garay’s ex has recounted her experience and has empathized with all the women who, like her, decide to be mothers thanks to a surrogate: “It is so bad when a woman cannot be a mother, that this method is not used for taste”, he said, wanting to make it clear, above all, that he is “against a woman being forced to do it against her will”.

In her case, Tamara contacted an agency and met her surrogate by video call, yes, they both previously received a report: “We met, we accepted each other and the process begins. In the United States it starts when the pregnancy is positive and the judge in At all times he is aware that everything is being fulfilled by both parties”. Tamara has wanted to make it clear that there was no financial compensation for the pregnant woman: “In my case, no, and I am sure that in the case of Ana Obregón there has not been either. What you pay are the medical expenses derived from the process, it would be nice Let her pay for it.”

Gorro practically established a friendship with his daughter’s surrogate: “I would go shopping with her and her daughters. Her husband, the mother-in-law, was also in labor… Do you know how she cried? How beautiful! That’s precious”. The pregnant woman, after giving birth, told the nurses: “Give the girl to her mother.” And it is that according to Tamara, “the mother is not the one who gives birth, she is the one who raises, teaches, educates and the one who gives love.” The collaborator has asked for respect for Ana and has assured that we will have to listen to her and then comment: “she will silence many mouths when she speaks.”