Tamara Falcó turns to an exclusive clinic after indulging in nougat: “I've been eating too much”

The Marchioness Griñón has made the most of her first Christmas as a married woman next door Inigo Onieva: first in Miami, with the entire Preysler family, and then he flew to Switzerland with some friends to welcome 2024 in the snow. Tamara Falco He also confesses that he has not been shy about enjoying the typical delicacies of the time and has had to take matters into his own hands: “I spent a few days in a macrobiotic clinic.”

“I went to start the year well,” he confessed this Thursday in The Anthill. “I've been eating pasta, roast beef, nougat… I've gone to compensate, I've lost the same thing I've gained,” explained Isabel Preysler's daughter, who has already resorted to this wellness and macrobiotic nutrition clinic on other occasions. occasions.

And Tamara said goodbye to 2023 by exercising in Gstaad, the most famous ski resort in Switzerland: “My husband tricked me because he told me to go with them on a snowshoe excursion. He told me it was the same as walking through the town but because of the snow… A lie. After the first hill we climbed I already had a lung out and I see that it doesn't end. Everyone was competing with the times and I had to stop to have a juice,” he said. laughter “I'm not used to snow. I know how to ski but I've always gone to beach places because my uncle Miguel hated snow,” she explained.