Tamara Falcó pulls the reel and publishes the wedding photos that she did not include in her exclusive: “They had not seen the light”

Two months and fourteen days after her wedding to Inigo Onieva in the corner, Tamara Falco has begun to share on his Instagram account “details” of the celebration that had not yet seen the light of day. That is, content that was not included in the pages of her millionaire exclusive in the greeting magazine.

In her post, the daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó wrote this Friday: “I am very excited to start sharing with you details of the wedding that have not come to light. Both Íñigo and I really enjoyed the process and in the “In the next few days we are going to share images and videos where you can appreciate the wonderful work of hundreds of professionals. Craftsmen, artists, organizers, waiters, photographers, videographers, security…”. The photos that Tamara has uploaded in this first post correspond to the special moment of saying “I do.” Among other details, the drawing of her dresses designed by Carolina Herrera also appears.

Image: Tamara Falcó’s Instagram

Image: Tamara Falcó’s Instagram

The Marchioness of Griñón, after a honeymoon in South Africa and a vacation that seemed endless, still hasn’t come down from her cloud: “There were many people involved in making our day unique and we are very grateful to all of them. I hope you like it and help all those future brides or those who want to organize an event to celebrate a special occasion.

Image: Tamara Falcó’s Instagram

The businessman, for his part, has also left a message on Instagram stories: “Thank you to all the family and friends who joined us on this special day. I would repeat it every day! But also a million thanks to the entire team behind and to the suppliers who put so much care into making sure everything was perfect.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva said “I do” on July 8 in El Rincón. During the previous months and as this date approached, the preparation for the wedding seemed to be continually hanging by an increasingly thin thread. After the second opportunity they gave each other after Íñigo kissed another woman in Nevada, numerous other storms fell: from the controversy of Sophie et Voilà, a Bilbao firm that was initially going to be in charge of the design of the dress, to the woman who came out talking about an alleged affair with the car designer just a few days before the celebration.

Not only the wedding was at stake, but also the millionaire exclusive that they closed with Hola and that was sold in different deliveries. The leak of the magazine’s internal content via WhatsApp was also a big hit. Whatever doesn’t happen to the daughter of the queen of hearts…