Tamara Falcó, preacher of the Domund with a private driver: “Lord, you should have put me in a normal Christian family”

expected comeback of Tamara Falco after his pilgrimage to Lourdes. The Marchioness of Griñón went to the center of Madrid this Wednesday to give her speech as announcer of Domund 2022, a commitment that the organization has stressed “does for free” and that was closed “a year ago”. She has arrived in the family car with a private driver and has entered through the back door to avoid the press.

Tamara has gone up to the altar with her text written on a couple of sheets of paper and a pen that she kept playing with, thus demonstrating her nervousness. Normal considering that the last time she participated in a religious act, the Conference of Families in Mexico, her words generated tremendous controversy.

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The daughter of Isabel Preysler She has been smiling and has attested to her life as a practicing Christian, humoring the moment by remembering her first reflections after hearing the ‘call’: “The Lord had put me in a place that I understood absolutely nothing. What was I doing as the daughter of the Marquis of Griñón, daughter of Isabel Preysler? My parents separated, married many times…”has counted. “I thought: Lord, really? What am I doing here? You should have put me in a normal, normal Christian family and I would serve you phenomenally”, he explained between laughs. The room has applauded her speech while she assured that she was not worthy of such recognition and received a couple of gifts and a huge bouquet of flowers from the Domund 2022 organizers.

Tamara’s next public appearance will be the last week of November, as we anticipated in the scoop. Falcó will be an ambassador for Porcelanosa, a title that she has ‘inherited’ from her mother. She will be in charge of inaugurating the brand’s new store in Madrid and this time she is expected to speak to the press and explain how she feels after her media break with Iñigo Onieva who, they say, is already planning how to win her back.