Tamara Falcó has already found her wedding ring but she keeps the spare one: “My idea was always to have another one”

Tamara Falco confessed a week ago on Joaquín’s program, The noob, who had lost his wedding ring. “I lost my wedding ring, it was too big and I dropped it. I don’t know where it is. I put this one on, let’s see if it works. It will appear.” A week later, the Marchioness of Griñón told her news regarding the jewel.

He continues wearing the spare ring: “This is number two. My idea was always to have another one before people noticed, but Joaquín got ahead of himself.” Although he has found the titular ‘alliance’, he continues to wear the substitute: “I found the first one, but I wear this one. Now I have two,” he confessed this Thursday in The Anthill.

About her wedding with Inigo Onieva, recalled that just a few days before the truck transporting his shoes from Valencia caught fire: “It exploded. 75% of the truck was incinerated.” In this way, this is how he summarizes the stony path before saying ‘yes, I want’ to the Madrid businessman on July 8: “Getting there was very hard. Íñigo and I had to fight a lot. But up to three days The sooner you get doubts, the overwhelm.”

Between jokes, he has also talked about other issues related to his daily life. “I change my nightgown every day. It’s a wonderful feeling and I love it.” It must be remembered that for her wedding night with the car designer she wore a robe and a very conservative strapless nightgown by Alejandra Rojo, which exceeded the price of 500 euros. Isabel Preysler’s daughter has also revealed that up to ten people advise her on a daily basis, from stylists, beauty experts and nutritionists: “And also my mother, who is a free advisor,” she stated with a laugh.