Tamara Falcó, from Paris to Sotogrande: the eternal vacations of the Marquise del Mercadona

Isabel Preysler’s daughter does not stop. After starring in his particular Memoirs of Africa for four weeks on his romantic honeymoon with Iñigo Onieva, Tamara Falco He returned to Madrid to fulfill a professional commitment and practically connected with a romantic trip to Paris that he boasted about on social networks last weekend. Now, the marquise has settled in Sotogrande, where she will spend a few days with her friends.

He already warned us that after the honeymoon the holidays began. After her getaway to the city of love, Tamara has traveled to one of her national destinations par excellence: the urbanization of San Roque, in Cádiz. According to Weekthe daughter of the late Carlos Falcó has met with some friends to enjoy a few days of relaxation after so much hustle and bustle.

Of course, here there are no safaris or luxury hotels. The first thing that Tamara has done as soon as she set foot in Sotogrande is to go to Mercadona, where she made a purchase. She already did it last year in the same establishment. On this occasion, the marquise has been recognized by the rest of the clients and she has willingly been photographed with all those who have asked her to, according to witnesses. It seems that marriage suits you… and the eternal vacations, even better.