Tamara Falcó arouses the anger of her neighbors: “I'm sick and tired of her leaving the dogs' poop”

It has been barely three months since the Marchioness of Griñón and Iñigo Onieva debuted their love nest after saying “I do” on July 8 at the El Rincón palace. It is an exclusive duplex located in Puerta de Hierro, very close to the house of Isabel Preyslerand although the couple is delighted with the new home, their neighbors do not think the same: “There is a neighbor who complains that Tamara Falcó is not neat enough with her pets.”

And it is that Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva They are not alone in this new house: their pets accompany them, Vanilla y Jacinta, golden retriever and spaniel, respectively. Her inseparable pets walk daily but, according to the neighbors, the Marchioness of Griñón does not comply with the established civic norms: “I'm sick and tired of them leaving the dog poop behind”they have said in We'll see.

Searching through the archives, we find quite a few images of Tamara and Iñigo walking their dogs down the street and in all of them they carry the corresponding black plastic bags intended for these purposes. But Lequio already says it: “It's one thing to carry the bags and another to use them.”

Away from the controversy

They, of course, do not give importance to the commotion of their neighbors. In fact, they have barely been in the neighborhood for a week, because Tamara and Iñigo have started the year at the exclusive Sha Wellness in Alicante, a wellness and macrobiotic nutrition clinic with which to purify themselves after the excesses of Christmas. Of course, free, because the marchioness has reached an agreement in exchange for advertising on social networks and has saved the almost 12,000 euros that a stay for two people in the center for a week would cost.