Following Tara VanDerveer, Stanford is now the most successful coach within major college basketball history. Patty Krzyzewski

Following Tara VanDerveer, Stanford is now the most successful coach within major college basketball history. Patty Krzyzewski

With this message, Tara VanDerveer’s face illuminated all corners of Maples Pavilion. Indeed, the Stanford Hall of Famer currently holds the record for most victories as the all-time leader in major college basketball.

“Today was fantastic,” VanDerveer exclaimed. Even though she was required to text herself 96-year-old mother Rita, the postgame celebrations to honor her would necessitate the cancellation of a scheduled bridge game.

VanDerveer surpassed former Duke or Army head coach Mike Krzyzewski by recording her 1,203rd total victory here in Maples as No. 8 Stanford defeated Oregon State 65-56, just as her admirers had hoped.

And without fail, VanDerveer takes a moment to express her sincere appreciation to all those in attendance at the game, including the Stanford band.

On Sunday, immediately following the most recent noteworthy achievement in an accomplished career, she courteously requested that the band cease their performance. VanDerveer assumed the microphone and proceeded to express her gratitude once more.

“I feel completely overwhelmed,” she declared to the crowd. “I’m not one to be moved by words regularly, but it’s quite remarkable to see so many former players return.”

Thousands of admirers and a few dozen former players gathered to congratulate VanDerveer, who had been a head coach since the age of 24, on yet another victory in a distinguished 45-year career filled with so many memorable achievements.

After the Cardinals defeated the Eugene State Beavers 65-56 on Sunday in Maples Pavilion in California, Stanford University head coach Tara VanDerveer is now the highest-winningest coach in NCAA basketball history.

During her 45-year coaching career, the victory brings the VanDerveer to 1,203. This figure is one win more than Mike Krzyzewski, a former head coach of the Duke men’s basketball team and fellow Naismith Memorial Basketball Medal of Fame inductee.

Kiki Iriafen, a junior forward, led Stanford to victory on Sunday with 36 points and 12 rebounds for a career-high total. After the momentous victory, VanDerveer expressed the record’s significance with his customary modesty.

“I’m just so blessed and so grateful,” VanDerveer told Pac-12 Network broadcaster following the game. “It means I’ve worked with great universities, supervised a lot of outstanding players, and owned great staff.”

Seventy years old, Vanderveer attended Stanford for a total of 38 seasons, from 1985 to 1995 and 1996 to the present. Five times, she was named national coach of the year. She achieved three national championships at Stanford.

She also served as a coach for Ohio State and the University of Idaho. She was honored with an induction into the Naismith National Basketball Hall for Fame in 2011.

Following Sanford’s triumph over Oregon on Friday, VanDerveer and Krzyzewski were tied for the NCAA mark concerning career victories.

“It’s merely a tribute to the great places I’ve worked and the great teams I’ve had,” VanDerveer stated to the Pac-12 Network following that game.

“I think it’s fantastic that women’s basketball is receiving so much attention and having such a phenomenal season.”

Tara VanDerveer of Stanford did not deviate from her typical schedule on the day she surpassed all-time all-time wins in college basketball coaching. She had intentions of playing bridge.

You did indeed read that accurately. A bridge player is a woman who has achieved three national championships and 14 Final Four appearances.

She is widely regarded as the preeminent strategist in the history of women’s basketball coaching and has an unmatched career win-loss record (1,203-267). Each day, if possible.

Additionally, it could be the key to her longevity. She had intended to do all she could to plan her daily bridge match with her mother, Rita VanDerveer, 96 years old, in between those victories.

VanDerveer, 70, surpassed former Duke coach and Hall of Famer Mike Krzyzewski as the all-time leader in college basketball victories with 1,203 on Sunday.

Stanford (8th-ranked) prevailed 65-56 over Oregon State two days after the latter tied the record on Friday with an 88-63 victory over Oregon.