Tamara Falcó and Íñigo will live as a married couple in the Puerta de Hierro penthouse and they are renovating it

Just eight months ago Tamara Falco They gave him the luxurious penthouse designed by Joaquín Torres, located in Puerta de Hierro, very close to his mother’s house, Isabella Preysler. And casoplon of 186 square meters and two terraces where the Marquise de Griñón plans to live with Inigo Onieva after their wedding, which will finally take place in July. They have not released it but not because they are closed at premarital relations Or because the property does not have all the luxury of details?

As you may have learned Informalia, Tamara has decided to do some work before moving in. “She’s doing a big house renovation. She’s leaving it to her own devices. She wants her to be more diaphanous, kind of loft, with the kitchen and living room connected”, they tell us. They are also “working on the lighting and modifying other details to personalize the house as much as possible”.

Since the promotion delivered the apartments, she began with her plans to reform it. Despite being exclusive and with all kinds of luxuries, she wanted to give it her personal touch and commissioned a renovation and interior design company to do some modifications to the house that even included throwing down some partitions or other.

But they did not count on the works involving so much work, added to what they already have with the preparations for their wedding. “There are both her and Iñigo who do not stop. Between the wedding, the catering and the dress, in addition to her work, Tami does not give for more, although as you can imagine she has all the help in the world”, they explain to Informalia people around you.

Tamara’s penthouse has two terraces, one of which includes a pool. In addition, the house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is valued at around 1.5 million euros. However, as has been published, the daughter of Isabella Preysler y Carlos Falco They have made a more than generous discount for promoting the company that sells these floors.

And it must be taken into account that the promotion had a huge impact, because it coincided with the break with Íñigo, after the images were made public where the boyfriend of the socialite kissing with a young woman at a music festival held in the Nevada desert (USA). In fact, the publicity impact that the company had was more than extraordinary, of incalculable value: Tamara, in her first public appearance, just a couple of days after blowing everything up, posed in front of more than a hundred journalists , photographers and television cameras with the name of the firm on the back and saying that of the “nanosecond in the metaverse”. Priceless advertising. We cannot affirm that they gave him the house as a gift, but if the Treasury knew about the reduction obtained, it could take action on the matter.

Tamara has managed to become a worthy successor to her mother, Elizabeth Preysler. Since he won more than three years ago Masterchef, Her professional life took a 180-degree turn: advertisements, brand image, chef and even designer, without counting her participation in El Hormiguero or the benefits of renting the El Rincón palace to TVE, where she is getting married, a news advanced by this digital. Everything it touches turns to gold. And in his personal life, the same. If she is in love, she earns money, if she breaks up abruptly, more, and if she later reconciles and sets a wedding date on mega business is secured. With this income it will not be difficult for him to pay for his reform.