Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva resume telephone contact: this has been their first (and brief) conversations

The Marchioness of Griñón softens. The last public statement of Inigo Onieva singing the ‘mea culpa’ moved Tamara Falco that, as a good Christian, she is considering forgiving the infidelities of her ex-fiancé. And the first step to achieve this has been to resume contact: a few days ago, the daughter of Isabel Preysler and the engineer spoke for the first time after three weeks.

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It was the Marquise who made a phone call, which was followed by several others. According to Isabel Rabago, “they still have things in common and their conversations have been quite brief”but Onieva is already taking advantage of this new way to approach Tamara: “He is absolutely hung up on her and has shown her support in the controversy over the statements in Mexico. She understands that the situation is beyond her and that it was taken out of context.”

And this is a sum and continues, because now we know that Onieva sent a coded message to Tamara last Sunday, when he faced the press to ask his girlfriend for forgiveness again and that was the trigger for her to collapse. It is a T-shaped wooden cross that her girl gave him and is carried by Franciscan monks: it symbolizes the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet (Tau) and is a symbol of protection against evil. It is also the sign of those redeemed by the Lord, those who were forgiven of their sins, and reminds the believer that he must be strong in trials.