Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva lose their temper in a VIP restaurant: fuss and bad faces

The marquises also argue. And not only in the privacy of your home, but in places as public and busy as a restaurant in the center of Madrid. They don't shout (that's for mere mortals) but they gesture enough for the rest of the diners to realize that theirs is not a friendly conversation. This is what happened to them Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva a few days ago, while they were enjoying dinner in the company of some friends.

The couple was having a relaxed chat with the rest of the group when they started making fuss. The bad faces of both foreshadowed the tension, which they broke by getting up from the table and each one going their own way: “He was the first to leave in a taxi and she stayed and then left the restaurant accompanied by two friends”they have told in the podcast In all sauces. “People were struck by the fuss they made.”

It was only a week ago that Tamara herself counted on The Anthill What were the arguments with her husband like: “When I'm angry I hate being asked if I'm angry. It's just that our hormonal changes as women are difficult to control. Íñigo has a much shorter fuse than me, but it takes me much longer to relax” she said. “I can be angry until he gets up, hugs me and asks me: 'Can we move on from this?' Late. I can spend a lot of time. It's hard for me but I know she's making an effort and I'll talk to her again.”

Isabel Preysler's daughter offered more details of her marital disputes: “In my head I am the judge and I decide what is right and what is wrong. I pass sentence. Always or quite often, I am right. I would dare say that 98% of times,” he admitted with a laugh.