The last time you won motion in Spain the president was Mariano Rajoy, who followed the debate from a restaurant in Puerta de Alcalá, near the Congress. Five years later, Ramon Tamames, the Vox candidate for this new motion, has been chosen after a few drinks. “It was a typical occurrence between friends and in the heat of a glass of wine,” admitted Fernando Sánchez Dragó.

Well, now we have learned that the 89-year-old economist, who this Monday starred in the speech of the motion of no confidence against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, maintained an intense agenda of social relations in recent weeks.

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A businessman from Madrid invited the professor to lunch to learn his opinion first-hand and he says that he was even the shellfish bars. When the waiter brought them the bill and asked if the seafood was fresh, Tamames replied: “It’s all delicious, so much so that he’s going to put the same thing I had for lunch in a lunch box to take it to my wife, who is also in love with seafood.” sea,” replied the brand new candidate from Abascal’s party. The waiter delightedly brought him the lunch box and redid the bill, the amount of which exceeded 700 euros. The businessman who accompanied him was stunned, and it is that he was in charge of paying the bill. The proverbial stinginess of the economist has been known in political gossip for decades.

And his wife, barefoot in the press box

It is not strange that Ramón Tamames remembers his wife and has the detail of bringing her a tupper with seafood, especially if he does not pay for it. The economist has been married for 63 years to Carmen Prieto-Castro, mother of his three children, Alicia, Moncho and Laura. Carmen was in the press box of Congress this Monday, like her children and some grandson of the veteran professor. Carmen was the muse of Paco Umbral, who even wrote a poem for her: “Do you remember your nights in the hay, choosing stars in the straw? I looked at you in the pink mornings moving your furniture and your flame”, the great columnist dedicated to them .

This Monday she was attentive to Ramón’s rhetorical flame, although tired like her husband by the extension of the motion. She was exhausted, yes, but she was seen loose in her green dress; she even took off her shoes, she stretched out her legs and rested her bare feet on the chair in front of her, which was not occupied. Until an usher asked him to remove his feet from her and he pulled himself together.

The former communist deputy knew that Abascal would take half an hour, but not that Sánchez would take as long as one hundred minutes. They say that in the cut to eat, well after three in the afternoon, Tamames was accommodated by the Vox reclining in an office to take a little nap before returning to the seat.

By the way, the president did not come to the Tamames seat to greet him. Needless to say, Ramón Tamames could barely move. In fact, the photographers kept a courtesy distance that they don’t usually keep.