Suspending the big 5 leagues will mean € 4bn of losses

The KPMG consultancy calculates a loss of four billion euros for the suspension of the five major leagues. According to the study presented by its Sports and Entertainment division, the biggest consequences would be for the Premier, which would stop entering more than 1,250 million euros. The next to suffer the consequences of the pandemic would be LaLiga, with almost a billion.

The largest part of the losses corresponds to the amounts that would not be collected for television rights, but the clubs with more media projection, the so-called 'universal' marketing ones, would also bear the impact due to the decrease in their merchandising and brand products. Among them would be Real Madrid and Manchester United, two of the most followed in the world.

But UEFA is confident that the problem is temporary and that the leagues of Spain, Italy, France, Germany and England can resume the competition at the latest in mid-May.. Otherwise, it would be necessary to take unpleasant measures, such as reducing the salary of footballers, something that has already been heard in the Bundesliga and to which the world players' union, FIFPro, flatly refuses.