Injuries mark falls in market value: Hazard, Dembélé, Bale …

Before football slowed down due to the coronavirus, several of the players' campaigns were proving difficult: Eden Hazard and Ousmane Dembélé missed many games due to injury also Marco Asensio, who continues with his recovery. Others were not finding their best level or counting for their current coach such as Vinicus, Gareth Bale, Jovic, Kepa …

His performance influences the green and also in its market value, where several figures have seen how its price has fallen in recent months.

Eden Hazard has been the one that has lost the most in terms of quantity: 50 million euros. The Belgian arrived in August in exchange for 100 million and was valued at 150 but, after several injuries that have prevented him from showing his best level continuously, his value has fallen to 33.3%, returning to the price I bought the real Madrid. An operation that goes from advantageous (buy below the market price) to the fair price.

The second was Ousmane Dembélé, with a drop from 100 million euros to 70. The Frenchman has been damaged by various injuries to his thigh and a level of play that did not come close to what was expected in just 492 minutes in nine games. Gallic, who gave up the Euro Cup, will do well with this postponement to try to earn his place on Deschamps' list of 23 for the summer of 2021.

The one who closes this podium, Neymar, has only lost 11%, an expected fall due to his 28 years and a new year in France in which he has been affected by injuries, although this time he did play and win in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

The Coutinho Case

Coutinho appears as one of the victims on that list and the worst, the Brazilian is going to stay in limbo. Loaned by Barcelona at Bayern, it is not clear to the Bavarians that he is a player worth exercising the purchase option.

Bayern Shield / Flag

The level of the Brazilian is not returning to be the one that dazzled in Liverpool, his price is falling and he is already at 70 million euros, less than half of the 145 that the Catalans paid to the whole of Merseyside. The probability that in June Barça will see a player with a plummeting value and that he will have to go to a sale to recover what he can seems high.

Real Madrid affected

Real Madrid is having a difficult season (second in the League, complicated eighth of the Champions League, eliminated in the Cup) in which some players are changing their status or are not playing the role that was expected. Thus, in addition to Hazard, three more enter this top-10: Vinicius, Gareth Bale and Luka Jovic.

The Brazilian is struggling to earn minutes with Zinedine Zidane although in this final stretch he participated in two of the most important games of the season: against Barcelona and against Manchester City. The Brazilian came to be valued at 70 million and has dropped to 50.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

China deals, injuries, controversies and ostracism. Gareth Bale has lost 33.3% in value so far this season in which he knows he does not count for Zidane, who continues to have problems with injuries and whose performance on the field has also not been expected for a player of his level. The Welshman falls to 40 million, far from the more than 100 he cost in 2013.

Luka Jovic is also on the sale list. The Serbian gunship that the Whites signed from Eintracht Frankfurt is not able to find the same network in Madrid. A difficult first year of adaptation and with only two goals they make him lose 20 million euros out of the 60, a price that Real Madrid set with his purchase. Now, Naples asks about his situation for the coming season.

Miranda and Mandzukic, two crashes

The marches to Chinese football and the Qatari of two former Atlético de Madrid, Joao Miranda and Mario Mandzukic, have caused their market value to collapse more than 70%.

Joao Miranda left Inter to sign for Jiangsu Suning with the letter of freedom and its value fell from 3.50 million this July to the current € 750,000, 78.6%. The Croatian also ended a contract with Juventus and decided to leave European football for the first time in his career to test in Qatar. Its value falls to 5 million when it was at 18, that is, 72.2% less.