Susanna Griso says that Corinna is the “mole” behind the information about the alleged daughter of Juan Carlos I

The issue of the alleged illegitimate daughter of Don Juan Carlos It has been hogging all the headlines and talk shows on television programs for more than 24 hours. And it is that there are some loose ends to be tied up in the information published by the journalists Jose Maria Olmo y David Fernandez.

One of them are the three sources that would be behind said investigation. In his book King Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos IOlmo and Fernández cite a “former lover of the emeritus to whom he confessed the paternity of the young woman”, a “businessman who has been a friend of Juan Carlos I for decades”, and an “old boyfriend of Alejandra, to whom she also recognized her link with the royal family.

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Well, according to Susanna Grisothe ex-lover that the journalists cite would be none other than Corinna Larsen. “The king’s lover is Corinna. Corinna is the person with the most desire to intoxicate in this world about King Juan Carlos. I can assure you that many of the things Corinna has said are lies… And she is one of the three sources”, said the presenter in Public mirror this Friday.

It should be remembered that the former German princess participates in the docuseries that will arrive in Spain next May through SkyShowtime, Juan Carlos: the fall of the king. In addition, while the judicial process of her complaint for alleged harassment against the emeritus in the United Kingdom was taking place, the businesswoman launched the podcast corinna and the kingin which he addressed his controversial history with him.

From the morning magazine of Antena 3 they also assured that they had spoken with the father of Philip VI on the subject of his supposed fourth daughter, that he already denied this Thursdayand reiterated to them: “We have contacted King Juan Carlos, who has denied us that this is true. He has told us directly: ‘They no longer know what to invent’.”