Anabel no longer speaks to Yulen and he warns: “I’m very angry”

They maintained cordiality and contact after their breakup but the interview of Yulen Pereira Revealing the reasons for their breakup via exclusive broke all relationship. The Olympian has admitted that a month ago Anabel Pantoja He withdrew the word and he thought that already, lost, to the river: this Friday he sits on the Deluxe and her ex is furious: “Don’t say that she feels because I speak,” she said.

The influencer is horrified by the fencer’s indiscretion and he turns a deaf ear: “Many lies have been told and I have been disrespected a lot,” he said. He is willing to tell what he has kept silent up to now: “I have to defend myself and I have to speak.”

Anabel continues to stay away from television by medical prescription (“my psychologist has recommended it to me,” she said) and she is not willing to let Yulen disturb her peace of mind. Change of strategy: there will be no exclusive or interview in response, there will be a lawsuit in court: “I’m fine, the things that I don’t feel good about, they will go elsewhere and where they have to go, because of course I will not stay silent or still“, he said in his last public act. War is coming between the ex…