Susanna Griso goes crazy talking about sex and love: “I have found my Indiana Jones”

The journalist has gone from interviewing to being the interviewee this Wednesday on the podcast Drama Queen, where she reviewed some of the funniest anecdotes of her long professional career: “We morning queens met for lunch once a month,” she revealed. But she hasn't stayed just at work. Susanna Griso She has also talked about her divorce, her children and her new boyfriend, Íñigo Afán de Ribera: “Now I want to have fun.”

The journalist and the businessman have been dating for six months: “He is very adventurous and is a person who has traveled the world for many years and that is why he is very disconnected from everything. From my own world. He also has a relative interest in what I do and I like that, it amuses me because in the end everything that takes me away from what I do and where I am not the center, that is wonderful,” he said. ” There is nothing that scares me more than someone approaching me because they have seen me on TV. For me, it's a total drop in libido.” Susanna is happy: “There is a time when you are looking for a travel companion and the father of your children. Now, for example, that I already have my life very made up and my children already on track, well What I am looking for is to live and experience a certain adventure. I mean, I want to have fun. “I've found my own Indiana Jones.”

Gone are the sad days when she decided to separate from her husband and father of her children, Carlos Torres. They had been married for 23 years: “I didn't experience the divorce with anger. I experienced it with pain because it is a project that ends. But I told myself that what I had left was immense affection.”, has counted. “In the end he is a person with whom you have shared many years.” Their relationship is now “model”: “I thought he was always going to be there. He is the father of my children, whom I love very much and that I had to take care of and I decided to take care of him and I think he also took care of me. It was also because we “We were a very good team as a couple and then we have also tried to be a good team when we have separated.” Of course, he recognizes that telling his children, Jan, Mireia and Dorcette (adopted in Ivory Coast in 2018): “What worried me most was the issue of my children. It was a difficult time because my daughter was in the United States and you never know how to say it.”

The presenter confesses, however, that between her divorce and her current relationship with Íñigo she has also had a lot of fun: “I got even a little bit”, he said between laughs. “Anyway, I've always been into long-term relationships, even before I got married. It's like I say 'I'll catch you here, I'll kill you here', I don't know how to do it. “I know that's how I am and that I couldn't separate sex from love, so I don't even try.”

Proud of her children

Susanna has also broken the rule of discretion when talking about her children: “Jan is studying in France, at the Sorbonne. “He is an impressive kid, with a very well-equipped head… with a tremendous desire to learn,” she said proudly. “Mireia is studying philosophy, law, politics, economics… “She's the one I'm living with the most.”

Finally, little Dorcette: “I was very clear that I wanted to adopt. I don't know exactly why, but I pretty much go by intuition.” The process lasted several years: “I started in Ethiopia, then they transferred me to the Ivory Coast, where there was a civil war, that's why everything was also delayed.” They were about to throw in the towel when they received the call: “It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The connection and attachment to her were immediate, which was what worried me the most. She spent two years attached to me all the time, at all hours, and then he started letting go. Now, the girl is the joy of the house: “Everything dances. Happiness dances to you, sadness dances to you and it is extremely contagious. For me it has been a breath of fresh air in my life. It has made me quite distraught.”