Sources: Michigan is looking for Sherrone Moore as a coach.

Sources: Michigan is looking for Sherrone Moore as a coach.

Michigan is concentrating its search on Sherrone Moore, who is the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, in place of Jim Harbaugh to be head coach.

ESPN sources reported on Wednesday that Moore is likely to receive the job unless an unexpected event occurs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says that Harbaugh was hired as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers on Wednesday and will get a five-year deal.

In his ninth season at his alma mater, Harbaugh led Michigan towards the national championship. It was the Wolverines’ first title since 1997 when they shared it with Nebraska.

In a statement released Wednesday night, Michigan’s athletic director, Warde Manuel, said, “We are working quickly to hire an additional head coach for the program, and we will do everything necessary to keep this current staff as well as the team together.”

Moore, who is 37 years old, filled in for Harbaugh during his suspension this season for four games, including the last three regular-season games.

Harbaugh came back for Michigan’s two games in the College Football Playoff and the conference championship game.

For example, they beat No. 10 Penn State 24–15 on the road and beat rival Ohio State 30–24 to make it to the Big Ten championship game for the third year in a row.

Both Manuel and University of Michigan president Santa Ono said in statements that the team had talked about a new contract that would’ve made Harbaugh the highest-paid college football coach.

“Jim did what it was he sought to achieve at Michigan—build the team needed to regularly capture Big Ten championships or win national championships,” said Manuel. “

Jim has done so much for our athletes, staff, and Michigan football that we can’t thank him enough. We’ll always remember him as the greatest ever Wolverine, both as a champion player and coach and as a big part of our long history.

Michigan wants to hire Sherrie Moore as head coach to replace Jim Harbaugh. Sources say Moore, the current offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, is likely to be offered the head coaching job unless something unexpected happens.

Moore, who is 37 years old, filled in for Harbaugh for four games this season and helped Michigan beat Penn State and Ohio State. The players have backed Moore.

As a result, Michigan needs to find a new coach to replace Harbaugh. Harbaugh will be the first national championship coach since Tom Osborne in 1997 to not return to his college program for the next season.

They want to catch a lot of people. That net might not need to go much farther than the end of Schembechler Hall, though. He is going to lead the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL.

Who do we think we are? Now that Harbaugh is off from the NFL, there’s one name that stands out as a possible replacement: Sherrone Moore, the offensive coordinator.

Moore had already become a rising star at Michigan by the time he took over as head coach for four games last season. He led the team to wins across Ohio State and Penn State.

When given the chance to demonstrate his leadership skills, Moore made a significant impact on Michigan’s national championship period, particularly on game day.

He knows the team’s culture, the players, and, most importantly, the future of Ann Arbor. Overall, the offense didn’t produce as much this season, but how can you argue with winning the Joe Moore Award for best offensive line for two years in a row?

Moore’s team was very good in 2023; they only turned the ball over eight times in 924 field snaps. There were only two better teams.

Since Moore is already working for the school, they could quickly name him as Harbaugh’s replacement. Yes, he is by far the best choice for the blue and maize.