Susanna Griso explains her ‘zasca’ to Ana Soria but does not withdraw it: “I can no longer speak ironically”

The presenter of Public mirror does not feel special sympathy for the young girlfriend of Enrique Ponce. Normal considering that dove caves, formerly of the bullfighter, is one of his best friends. So this Tuesday Susan Griso took advantage of the couple’s media baptism in the anthill to throw a poisoned dart at the student from Almeria: “Ana Soria She has been trying to get her law degree for 11 years.

This Wednesday, he wanted to soften his words a bit: “I can no longer speak ironically because yesterday I said something with all the irony in the world and I have been a starter everywhere… When I said that it takes eleven years to get the title as a lawyer, I said it ironically, because I would have had to start with thirteen”, she said.

Griso has not wanted to go further but it is intuited that she, like thousands of other people on social networks, was not convinced by the victimization of Soria and Ponce, who accused the press of having mistreated and slandered them. They ignored, of course, the figure of Paloma Cuevas and her daughters, whom he abandoned for his new love, and they misled the date of the beginning of their relationship to avoid conjecture about a possible infidelity to the Pronovias designer. This is how the journalist Gema Fernández reminded him this Wednesday: “We have always been speculating and journalists knew very well. We have always suspected it, we tied dates and it was evident. I do not know of any man who changes his suit without having, at least, contemplated the new autumn-winter collection”.

He also believes that this media step by Ponce and Soria hides a cover story: “I think it is the prelude to a possible wedding proposal. Enrique wanted to introduce us to what will be his wife. She has a need, That is why I am clear that they are going to get married, she wants recognition, she is from a classic family that is not going to allow this to continue like this if there is not a wedding involved. “