Susanna Griso confesses when she is topless and when she is not: “On the beach when you can see me…”

The good weather begins and the body already asks for the beach. It is also common that this season our celebrities boast of a great guy on social networks with topless photos. However, there are some like Susanna Griso who prefer not to show themselves without their bikini tops.

“Have you never done topless?” The collaborator Diego Revuelta asked the presenter of Public mirror this Friday. “On the beach and knowing that you can see me, no…”, she replied.

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The journalist then recalled an anecdote that she lived with a group of paparazzi one summer in Formentera: “I got into the sea with all my enthusiasm and I began to see people in clothes coming out from behind the stones… I tried to get out without breathing, I I felt very ridiculous. (…) I told them ‘don’t do this job for me’. And they told me ‘we’ll take some photos of you, and we won’t bother you all weekend.’

A heart attack topless

If there was a topless that was discussed last summer it was that of Tamara Falcó. More relaxed than ever, the Marquise de Griñón posed with the perfect blue sky of the Maldives in the background during her 41st birthday celebration.