Joaquín Prat’s great reproach to Obregón: “There are people who have also lost children and are angry with Ana”

Ana Obregon, exclusively via and in her book, she has explained that only people who have lost a child like her can understand her pain and her despair to comply with the last wishes of her son. Among them, having a daughter-granddaughter at the expense of her deceased son’s semen and using the womb of another woman through surrogacy, an illegal method in Spain but legal in the United States, where the 68-year-old actress managed the process.

In The boy with the shrewsthe actress also reveals that she tried to take her own life from the Barcelona hospital where Aless Lequio He was hospitalized for the last days of his life. “I stood on the railing, which was not very high, using inordinate force to get one leg to the other side. Leaping into the abyss was my only option to continue living.” According to her, Alessandro Lequio and her sisters prevented it. Shortly after the young entrepreneur died in May 2020, he also thought about doing it: “I urgently needed to get rid of that pain forever.”

Given this, Joaquín Prat has indicated this Friday in Ana Rosa’s program: “Ana said that she could only comment on the process that those people who had lost a child had followed to bring the girl into the world. Well, there are many people who have lost children because they have taken their own lives who are quite angry at how Ana treats or how Ana describes those two attempts to take her own life”.

The presenter has reiterated his position: “We can each have our interpretations, but I have said that there are people who have lost loved ones and who do not share Ana’s words in the book.” However, he has also clarified her words to avoid possible misinterpretations: “From there to the fact that she has not experienced those moments, I highly doubt it.” This Friday, Alessandro Lequio was not on the set.

As we picked up this Thursday, Jaime Peñafiel also lost a daughter in the nineties and was forceful against the protagonist of Ana and the 7: “There is something that can hurt the sensitivity of some people and I am not disrespectful. But to me, and I say it with all honesty, I am fed up, painfully fed up, that a person is using the memory of his son and now of his daughter. I, who have also lost a daughter, have the moral strength to say so,” he lamented in four a day.

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In this sense, he added: “Let’s never use the memory of the dead for our own benefit. And Ana, as long as she is on the covers of the whole world, is capable of anything. So I am outraged. Let’s have respect for the memory of your son and now do not use your daughter and then the book. I have lost a daughter and I do not allow it. You have to have respect for the dead and not use them for your own benefit”. The daughter of the royal chronicler died when he was only 21 years old, six years less than the son of Obregón and Lequio.