Super Armor for De Bruyne

Manchester City want Kevin de Bruyne (29) to end his career as citizen. At least let him keep directing the ship from the field. Guardiola's flagship is, at the moment, the priority, once the market is concluded and the Daily Mail explains that the Manchester club is making serious progress to extend its contract. The current one expires in 2023 and in recent months the City has had some shocks. The FIFA sanction that punished the club without being able to play in Europe is already a nightmare. In July the City breathed because the TAS revoked the sanction, but now he wants to show an approach and recognition for those stars who, despite the uncertainty, remained loyal to the team without thinking of a way out.

Thus, the Daily Mail explains that there are advanced talks between De Bruyne's lawyers and Manchester City to extend the contract and extend it for five more seasons at the rate of £ 300,000 per week plus bonus. There is talk of an amount of more than 17 million euros per season to which we should add bonus for objectives. A salary to definitely shield the brain of the team and tie it almost for a sporting life to the entity.

Shield / Flag M. City

Although he still has two and a half years left on his contract, City do not want to wait any longer and thus drive away potential competitors. With this new proposal, De Bruyne would remain linked to the team, at least, until he was 34 years old. Currently, the Belgian midfielder has a market value of 120 million euros, occupies, according to Transfermarkt, the fourth place of estimation only surpassed by Mbappé (180), Sterling (128) and Neymar (128). The City had thought to have undertaken this improvement for De Bruyne at the end of last season, but the pandemic situation did not allow it, now finalizing the details.