Charly Musonda: the nightmare of the great Belgian talent

Chary Musonda's name will sound familiar to you. That daring footballer who did his thing for Benito Villamarín and who was called to make history. At the age of 16, in fact, he was listed as the best footballer in the world among his generation. Eight seasons later, the truth is that he struggles every day to continue enjoying his great passion: football. And he does it with the fear that the knee will play tricks on him. There are already two times that the cruciate ligament has been torn and the doctors came to diagnose him with a 20% chance of stepping on a pitch again. A broken dream, now turned into surrender to go back to being who it was.

The footballer wanted to tell his story through Instagram. “It's been four years since I was able to play professional matches in a row. Three years since I last played for my club. In two of those last four years, I injured the cruciate ligament in my knee. I felt nothing but anguish and pain. Doctors told me that going through surgery after being away for so long would be the end of me. 'An impossible mountain to climb' were the exact words. “

In 2016 he started with problems, the continuous discomfort in his knee did not allow him to perform. Meanwhile, Chelsea was looking for a professional accommodation so that he could exploit his potential to the full. After passing through Betis, he arrived at Celtic in Glasgow. It was his moment, but he did not find the expected return either. In 2018, his first big damn knee injury limited his stakes in the Vittesse jersey. Already at the start of 2019-20, he played three games until he had to undergo surgery. August 16, 2019 was his last game as a professional.

That is the story of a call to be a star of world football. “I miss the sport so much and I'm doing everything I can to get back to playing. For all the kids who have a dream and are injured or going through huge setbacks, don't give up!“Musonda continues on Instagram. Day by day, he exercises with physiotherapists to recover his knee:” I will continue to climb the insurmountable mountain every day to run with the ball once again, because there is no better feeling than facing someone and feeling alive . Until that time comes I will continue training and believing in an impossible comeback“.

“Because the biggest comebacks always happen when it seems like there is no going back and that's when we have to dig deep and live to tell the story and not die in it. #This is my story and how I continue to train and prepare, despite the low odds, to one day return “, closes the Belgian attacker. The expectations placed on his figure spoke in his day of successes and failures, with goals through the roof and difficult objectives to meet For someone earthly. But soccer is like that and his horizon is to play it again. In this battle, Musonda wants to be the best. And to achieve it, in one way or another, he will achieve it.

The brilliant generation of '96

At the age of 16, Musonda, for a study, was the best player of his generation. That is to say, that of 1996. Although it is true that, to this day, there are no world stars of that age, there are indeed footballers with brilliant careers who aim to dominate the beautiful game in the coming seasons. Here are some of them: Leroy Sané, Timo Werner, Dele Alli, Rodrigo Hernández, Arthur, Fabián, Pavard, Maddison, Marco Asensio, Chillwell, Brandt, Lo Celso, Adama Traoré, Diogo Jota, Mikel Merino or Dani Ceballos.