Summary 2023: Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel, the friendship that turned into romance

The rumors came from 2022 but it was in January of this year that we now say goodbye when it was confirmed that the friendship between Enrique Ponce's ex and Sol de México had taken another step. Without abandoning their discretion, they made their public appearances at parties and restaurants natural, where they already presented themselves as just another couple. For example, at a dinner for six with the Duke and Duchess of Anjou and with former footballer Raúl González Blanco and his wife, Mamen Sanz, in Madrid, on January 18.

With them happy and their families delighted, it didn't take long for rumors to emerge that there was an engagement ring. The father of the 'bride' made it clear that seeing his daughter dressed in white again to say “I do” to one of the most important artists in the history of music was not going to be, precisely, a displeasure for them: “Man, well I'm going to tell you something, he is a gentleman, a great person and you don't dislike that. They are both handsome, charming, people like them very much…”.

A refuge in Marbella

New York, Marbella, Mexico, Madrid… Paloma Cuevas y Luis Miguel They took their love halfway around the world and although the artist was looking for a house in the capital to be closer to his girl, they finally installed their love nest in the south of Spain. The singer of La Bikina acquired a fabulous housing in La Zagaleta, an exclusive area located in the area of ​​Benahavís that 'premiered' at Easter, on vacation with Paloma's daughters (Palomita and Bianca) and with getaways to the Finca Cortesín Hotel, a luxury resort near Estepona, in Málaga, where the artist practices one of his favorite sports: golf. A hobby that he, by the way, shared with Enrique Ponce, Paloma Cuevas' ex, to whom the romance between the man who had been his compadre and the mother of his daughters did not sit too well. They even went so far as to say that they had participated in a uncomfortable encounter in a Madrid restaurant, something that the right-hander later denied.

In April, they made their relationship official for those who still had doubts with a surprise party that Paloma organized for Luis Miguel's birthday. It took place in Madrid, in a well-known restaurant where well-known faces such as Sebastián Yatra and the jeweler Cristina Yanes paraded. In June, finally, came his great appearance in society during the wedding of Rosa Clará's son, Daniel, with Anne-Marie Colling, in Paris. They traveled to the city of love on their private jet although they arrived at the event separately. Once inside, they became the center of attention.

Summer, the trial by fire

But if there was a turning point in the relationship between Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel during 2023, it was start of the Mexican musical tour. She had not been on stage for years and returned in style in Argentina. The Rosa Clará designer became a friend, advisor and manager of the singer, whom she accompanied throughout Latin America and the United States.

Of course, before focusing completely on the artist's work, They enjoyed a romantic tour of Naples and Capri before boarding a fabulous yacht with which they crossed the Mediterranean back to Palma de Mallorca. By then, rumors of a secret wedding between Paloma and Luis Miguel sounded very strong in the Latin press. The Peruvian star Laura Bozzo, whom we enjoyed months later in Spain as a participant in VIP Big Brother, assured that they had said “I do” in Los Cabos. She was not the only one: journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, a reporter from Mexico, said: “I am able to confirm that this week Luis Miguel gave the engagement ring to Paloma Cuevas. They are preparing a wedding in style, I don't know if for the church or not, but it could be a wedding in Spain and another in Mexico. I can confirm it.

They, in their line, neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but their respective ones laughed at the rumors and even joked about the possibility: “There could be a wedding, of course,” said Victoriano Valencia.

A wedding in Tuscany

The final stretch of 2023 has been key for Paloma and Luis Miguel, not only on a work and personal level (strengthening their relationship despite the very complicated schedules) but also on a family level. And the thing is that the woman from Córdoba acted as a mediator between her boyfriend and his daughter, Michelle Salas, with whom she had maintained a certain distance for years. Cuevas's good arts managed to get father and daughter together to iron out differences. It was in Las Vegas, in the month of September, at an evening that Alejandro, one of the artist's brothers, also attended.

A month later, father and daughter sealed their reconciliation in the Michelle Salas' wedding with Venezuelan businessman Danilo Díaz. A celebration in Tuscany that lasted three days and that revealed not only the strong union between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas but also that of her with her daughter, with whom she merged in a warm hug after the ceremony. Sol's entourage then assured: “Paloma is the best thing that has happened to Luis Miguel. He is happy, he takes care of himself much more, he has resumed his tour, he has mended things with his family… and all thanks to she”.

Christmas with family

Paloma and Luis Miguel have closed the year together, as it could not be otherwise. The artist has taken a break from his tour to travel to Madrid and spend Christmas Eve with her girl and her family. The grapes, of course, will be eaten on the other side of the pond. Specifically in a luxurious resort in Rivera Maya, where the interpreter of The unconditional will offer a private concert.

2024 promises for this couple that has already become one of the favorites on this and the other side of the Atlantic. Luis Miguel will bring his tour to Spain, where he has filled the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for the next July 6 and 7. In addition, he will spend a good part of the month of August in Marbella thanks to Paloma, who has managed three artist concerts at the Starlite Festival. Perhaps both are good opportunities to be seen, without filters, as the two lovers that we all know they are.