Due to a strained AC joint, Trevor Lawrence is unlikely to practice on Wednesday.

Due to a strained AC joint, Trevor Lawrence is unlikely to practice on Wednesday.

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jaguars, is questionable for this week’s game vs the Panthers on Tuesday.

Although Lawrence is “doing better today as he did yesterday,” according to Pederson, he does not anticipate seeing Lawrence in the gym on Wednesday.

Following his injury on Sunday during the Buccaneers game, head coach Doug Pederson said that Lawrence’s right shoulder has been diagnosed as a sprained AC joint.

According to the team’s website, Pederson stated, “It’s a little bit early.” “I doubt it, but he might do something little tomorrow. Although it’s a little early, we’ll see as the day and the week progress.

Lawrence has been sidelined by an injury for the third week in a row after sustaining a concussion in Week 15 and a high-ankle strain in Week 14.

Lawrence stated, “He has been lucky enough to recover from all of them.” We’ll follow him around this week to see where he is. So far, we’ve been lucky that he’s been able to make himself available every week.

All three teams—the Jaguars, Colts, and Texans—have 8-7 records, but only the Jaguars—who will win the AFC South provided they win their next two games—have a legitimate shot at winning, especially with Lawrence playing at his peak.

They’ll be hoping for some good news in Jacksonville in the upcoming days because their four-game losing skid and ongoing injuries aren’t doing much to instill that type of optimism.

Due to a strained right AC joint, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s availability for Sunday’s game against the Panthers is uncertain.

“I may do a little thing tomorrow, but I would doubt it just because it’s slightly too soon, but we will find out as the week goes on.”

Although Lawrence is doing better, coach Doug Pederson said he’s not sure if Lawrence is going to able to practice on Wednesday. If so, backup quarterback C.J. Beathard will once again receive first-team reps at quarterback.

Pederson stated on Tuesday afternoon, “Obviously, he’s a little sore, but he’s doing better today than he did yesterday.” “We’ll check in with him once again tomorrow.

By signing Matt Barkley on the New York Giants practice squad on Tuesday, the Jaguars also got some insurance at quarterback.

The organization placed special teams star Daniel Thomas, who has a broken left forearm, on injured reserve in order to make a place for him on the roster.

Barkley is 2-5 as a starter for the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears, and he hasn’t played a snap since 2020.

In 19 games since being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, Barkley has thrown 11 touchdown passes with 22 interceptions.

In Sunday’s 30-12 loss to Tampa, Lawrence hurt himself straining and diving for a first down near the sideline during nfl fourth-and-1 play in the late third quarter.

While diving, Bucs linebacker Yaya Diaby shoved him, causing him to land on his right shoulder beyond bounds and slide into the bench area of the team.

Lawrence continued to play to complete the drive, hitting four out of five throws, including a touchdown strike to Calvin Ridley on an eighteen-yard pass.

Lawrence remarked, “I knew something was wrong when I landed.” “And throwing aches a little bit the next play.

We managed to score some points because I wanted to complete the drive-out, but I knew from my throw that I wouldn’t be able to raise my shoulder high enough to play the entire time.

“I would’ve loved to have stayed in, yet it was just kind of harming everybody at that point if I performed, so they made the decision to just take seats for the rest of the night.”

By the time the game was over, Beathard had completed 11 of 15 passes for 94 minutes and one touchdown. If Lawrence didn’t play, he would start.

Since the 2020 regular-season final, while he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers, Beathard has not started a game. As a starter, he is 2–10, with all of his starts coming from the 49ers.