Storylines for Thursday night’s Browns vs. Jets game and their potential outcomes: Ashley Bastock

Storylines for Thursday night’s Browns vs. Jets game and their potential outcomes: Ashley Bastock

It goes without saying that this is the game that most Browns supporters will be watching this week. Jones will be forced into action after starting right tackle Jack Conklin suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 1.

The rookie’s first NFL start of the season will be difficult because he will be facing T.J. Watt, one of the top edge rushers in the league.

The 2021 Defensive Player Award Winner has been giving the Browns fits for the past six seasons, and he just began his season with three sacks last week.

Jones described himself this week as a fantastic guy and a fantastic player. Jones described himself this week. “I haven’t stopped watching movies.”

Although I already do that, I had to be especially vigilant this week. Knowing that he has a plethora of moves at his disposal, one must be vigilant.

How I see it: Watt is skilled enough to keep Jones’ enormous 6-foot-8, 374-pound frame from completely engulfing him. With his speed and shiftiness, he should be able to defeat Jones, and I still think he can reach Deshaun Watson.

However, Jones’ size is unquestionably a plus. Considering his size, he’s also quicker than most would assume because of his basketball experience.

Having said that, I believe Watt will succeed to some extent, but he won’t be able to simply run over the rookie because Jones is bigger and has already shown promise in his preparation. Watt will have to earn everything from him.

In Week 1, the Browns’ defense limited Cincy to 142 total yards of offense, displaying utter dominance against the Bengals.

Additionally, they forced 10 team pressures, sacked Joe Burrow twice, and only let them cover two of 15 third downs.

In that game, Cleveland also displayed a wide range of movement and alignments up front, including formations with five D-linemen, Myles Garrett and Za’Darius Smith, rushing from the inside and over the center, and Dalvin Tomlinson lining up against tackles.

You know, I believe that Joe Flacco is one of the things the Browns will need to truly keep an eye out for.

Naturally, his ability to pass the puck downfield to David Nku or Amari Cooper is one of his strongest qualities.

And he’s going to need protection in order to be able to accomplish it. And there is a very strong defensive front that is excellent. They’re facing off against Dko Ryans, who is a superb coach.

He trained under Robert Sala in San Francisco, so you know that they have the expertise to effectively pressure the quarterback. And they will make an effort to accomplish it.

They will be going for the Cleveland Brass’s improvised offensive line. I believe they have about five players with five sacks.

Yes, I noticed that their four starters have at least five sacks when I looked at the stats today. Jonathan Greenard leads the group with 12.5 points, and when I see their output, I think, “This is kind of what I envision for the prom defensive line,” but we haven’t really seen those backup players step up to replace Miles Garrett.

Thus, I concur. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important matchups to monitor in the game because of their excellent pass rush, which is, you know, sneakily good.

And with the Browns offensive line as it now is and all the ailments they have, it will undoubtedly be crucial to protecting Joe Flacco, the more conventional type of quarterback, when the line isn’t the mobile man covering you.

Furthermore, I think it is crucial to closely monitor this aspect for the upcoming game. I believe they will pursue him even harder than the Bears did.

Despite being limited yesterday, he is coming into this game with a fired-up attitude today. To be honest, I didn’t find it very noteworthy that the bears attacked with such vigor.

But these individuals truly plan to do that, in my opinion. And Joe, as we all know, left the match with a sore calf.

He therefore has a minor calf issue going into this game, and Thornhill will be the first to warn you that a minor calf injury can develop into something more if you take a poor step or something doesn’t go as planned.