Stefy Navarro is proclaimed runner-up in the world of speed in parkour


The Spanish Stefy Navarro has hung this Saturday the silver medal in the speed final of the Parkour World Championships, which are being held in Tokyo and are organized by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Navarro, 24, second in the world ranking of the specialty and ninth in freestyle, completed the obstacle course of the Japanese capital in a time of 35.03 seconds, only three behind the new world champion, the Swedish Miranda Tibbling. . The bronze medal went to the French Lilou Ruel.

The athlete born in Bogotá and based in Albacete went with the third fastest time to the semifinals, where she made it to the final after being fifth. In the fight for the medals, she did not disappoint her position in the ranking of a discipline that she aspires to become an Olympian in Los Angeles 2028.