Spain chains its fifth world team gold in trial


The Spanish trial team was proclaimed team world champion this Wednesday at the Glasgow World Cup, extending its hegemony in this discipline with the fifth title in a row.

The national team made up of Vera Barón, Borja Conejos, Daniel Barón, Víctor Pérez and Daniel Cegarra revalidated last year’s title in Abu Dhabi, this time in the cycling ‘Super World Cup’ that is being held on Scottish soil.

Spain put in a perfect performance, with hardly any opposition, with a score of 810, ahead of the French team by 130 and the British team by 210. The elite Borja Conejos and Daniel Barón led the national team adding 190 points.

Meanwhile, the team’s juniors, Daniel Cegarra and Víctor Pérez, achieved 180 and 160 points, respectively. For her part, the female representative Vera Barón scored a total of 90 points after a zero in the last sector.