South Africa World Cup 2010 | Live: Portugal – Brazil – 06/25/10 –


Poor tie and all happy: Brazil and Portugal to eighths thinking of a possible crossing with Spain.

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(Min 95) The corner ends without consequences. The match is about to end.

(Min 94) Eye. Danny injured. And it could have been a penalty by Lucio's hand. The referees are still wrong.

(Min 93) Danny !!! He almost opened the can after a tremendous failure by Lucio. The center fell asleep with the ball inside the area, the half-point was thrown with everything for the ball and finally ends in the corner.

(Min 92) Ramires zambombazo has made Portugal panic … defending itself by attacking.

(Min 91) Ramires !!!!!!! The newcomer has proven to Eduardo that he has made a stop. A little popcorn, but almost opens the gap Brazil.

(Min 90) Added time, five minutes. Five more minutes to get bored.

(Min 89) They could shout the “Let them kiss! Let them kiss!”. But the audience whistles. It is clear that this is a non-aggression pact. They do not like the attitude.

(Min 85) Corner for Brazil. Will the Brazilian armistice break? Well, no. Lucio's header stopped Eduardo without problems.

(Min 83) Change in both squares. Baptista leaves, Ramires enters Brazil. Meireles leaves Portugal, enters Miguel Veloso

(Min 81) Simao puts it very low and the ball ends in clearance of the Brazilian defender. Bacalá

(Min 80) Dangerous foul in favor of Portugal, while Ivory Coast makes Korea the third.

(Min 79) Constant anger in both coaches who demand a little more rhythm from their players.

(Min 76) ¡Cristiano Ronaldo !!!! Zurdazo that goes to the clouds. Keep calm with small shocks.

(Min 75) Shy approach of Portugal. Bad center of Ricardo Costa.

(Min 74) The public begins to make the wave. Screaming that silences the vuvuzelas. By the way: Dunga is pissed off. He has already been seen jumping a few times with gestures of some discomfort. Won't you like the slow pace of yours or ask to be lowered?

(Min 72) There will be criticism for this possible patisserie, but no one can deny that it falls within the logic. In Brazil they will not attack because they will wear out physically and have it done to be first in the group. In the case of Portugal, they are afraid of taking risks, that they score a goal and that things turn gray. This is how modern confectioners are made.

(Min 71) Of course, do not think that Portugal is upset. Queiroz is about to take a drag on the peace pipe. Boredom.

(Min 71) Now Brazil plays from side to side, but without being vertical, it fails to connect offensive football, of clear depth. Touch play and play without stopping and risk nothing.

(Min 70) There they have the opportunity of Meireles. He has not put a miracle. Exercised by San Julio Cesar, by the way.

(Min 68) The game is falling. The suspicions begin to fire. Isn't this part of the cake shop? It is not an absolute sung, but both teams are not so plugged in.

(Min 67) Zapatazo far from Cristiano that is still missing from anywhere. At this rate, he tries from the locker room.

(Min 66) Incorrect offside called to Meireles. The play invalidated Juan, but the referee was not fine.

(Min 66) With the markers as they are so far, Brazil, first group, Portugal, second.

(Min 65) News from Brazil. Bastos from the side tries but his shot goes wide. It was a pacifier, but at least the Dunga team is now a little more connected.

(Min 64) The ball is only from Portugal. But what has happened to Brazil !!! This is inexplicable. No attitude, no dying, no tactics. They are lost. That bad.

(Min 63) Change that should have occurred long ago: Pepe leaves and Pedro Mendes enters. This player will give Portugal much more dynamism. Queiroz takes a little risk.

(Min 62) The game resumes. He connected the corner with a shy Carvalho header. Ball again for Portugal.

(Min 60) Danger !!!! Julio César is injured. He has given the goalkeeper Meireles a blow. He has stepped on his back and is touched. The archer has been dragging back problems for some time. It will continue, but the game is stopped.

(Min 59) ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡NOW! Opportunity in full rule. Cristiano's counterattack from the right, back ball that ends with faith and the right boot and saves Brazil Julio César. The goal was sung.

(Min 57) Simao tames the Jabulani !!!! Good zamombazo from outside the area, something stingy on the left and the ball that draws a stranger who almost cheats Julio César. Well the goalkeeper of Inter.

(Min 57) Corner for Portugal !!! The Russians are around the goal.

(Min 57) Luis Fabiano connects a shy, shy, shy header.

(Min 56) The game slows down because Brazil does not attack, but neither does Portugal.

(Min 55) The boots weigh a couple of kilos to Brazilian players. Much slower. Is this the armistice that was announced before the match started?

(Min 53) Well before we name him, before he leaves: change in Portugal, Duda leaves and Simao enters. Doubt may be injured.

(Min 53) Duda remains Cristiano Ronaldo's ball supplier. He always looks for him. Brazil is not known by the mother who bore her.

(Min 52) Simao will leave in Portugal. Look for more Queiroz attack.

(Min 51) ¡Ay, ay, ay, ay !!! The launch was horrible again, but the ball hit Pepe's heel and the madridista, almost spur, puts it in the door of Julio Cesar. Portugal is much better.

(Min 51) Tiago is starting to be the quarterback of the center of the Portuguese countryside. Lack of Alves over Atlético de Madrid. Cristiano asks for it and wants to throw it away. Keep throwing balls from Lisbon. 35 meters We will see.

(Min 50) It advances Portugal lines and touches it a little more. Brazil has retreated. It seems as if the shirts have been changed with respect to the first part.

(Min 49) But where is Brazil !!!! Portugal is fighting him and Cristiano is much more active now on the left side. Brazil is not comfortable.

(Min 48) Without consequences corner kick.

(Min 47) ¡Cristiano !!!!!! Save Lucio (gift included) Good in-depth pass that hurries the Portuguese line in the background and Lucio saves it when he was going to give the death pass. By the way he has left a tap on CR7. It will be corner.

(Min 46) Portugal has already approached a couple of times. Let's see if the thing changes, but it would have to change a lot, because the Portuguese in the first part have not been very fine.


Portugal is encouraged looking for the attack.

The two teams jump to the pitch again. For now there seems to be no change, although removing Pepe in Portugal could be a good idea.

Brazil and Portugal are not disappointing too much. The match only has one element that we miss: goals. And these should have fallen on the side of Brazil, very active on the right wing. The Maicon-Alves couple work like a charm and both are destroying that side of Portugal.

This is how the chances of Nilmar and Luis Fabiano have come, the clearest of the game that almost opened the scoring. Meanwhile, Portugal, is launched into the attack in backlash nothing fruitful. Cristiano is on a star and very individualistic plan. The forward should be a little more supportive.

Special mention deserves the Melo-Pepe pique. The first has already gone to the bench in a smart Dunga change. Today he looked more like a gladiator than a footballer. In Pepe's case, the thing is different. It is not in place and it shows out of shape. Even so, it has also been passed in a couple of entries. At rest, without goals, we will have to wait for the second part to see them.


Draw at zero in a game with tension and chances. Not much football, but quite a show.

(Min 45) One minute added.

(Min 45) Corner for Brazil. After several problems, no problems for Portugal. It ends in kickback that Christian wastes.

(Min 44) Yellow for Coentrao, from Portugal.

(Min 44) Change in Brazil !!!!!! How clever Dunga is: Melo goes to the street and enters Joshua. The technician has sent a clear message to Melo: “Before they expel you, I take you away, kid.”

(Min 43) There you have the snapshot of the ball to the stick of Nilmar.

(Min 42) Yellow card for Felipe Melo !!!!! This guy had to be on the street for a long time. What anger Gilberto Silva has thrown at him !!!!! Entradón on Pepe. The two are very choppy.

(Min 40) Cristiano tries from afar !!! The one for Julio César knee to the ground. By the way: Melo has put a half-hearted back on Meireles. Between him and Pepe they could ride a wrestling ring. They distribute wax by tons.

(Min 40) Seconds of respite for Portugal. It is not normal that there is not yet a single goal on the scoreboard.

(Min 39) Yellow for Pepe after Melo. It was almost orange cardboard.

(Min 38) Another one from Luis Fabiano, another one from Maicon !!!!!! Without space, stuck in the corner, it is placed by the side of Inter and the ball, with almost space, is taking a curve until it finds the head of the forward that itches too much and the ball goes high above the goal after bouncing a meter from the goal line.

(Min 36) The first pique of the match, between Queiroz and Felipe Melo. The Brazilian player almost takes the head of the Portuguese coach in a clearance and Queiroz tells him: “You you you”. This has everything !!!!

(Min 36) Nilmar up !!!! The match goes twice a minute. Long live football !!!

(Min 35) Luis Fabiano is hungry … because he has eaten a very clear ball !!! He almost picked up a good pass, but the boat has left the ball behind. Opportunity of Dunga.

(Min 33) !!!! Eduardo has become the nightmare of Brazil !!! What a good center of Maicon on the right and again the archer saves. Pim, pam, round trip.

(Min 32) ¡Cristiano, Cristiano, Cristiano ….. out of play !!!! How Dunga is playing it. Another millimeter pass that almost leaves Ronaldo alone if it were not for a meter that was in an anti-regulatory position. Eye with the Portuguese.

(Min 31) Maicon missiles in action !!!!! This guy hits it anyway! Escoradísimo from the band has put a very distant zurriagazo that almost gets inside the goal of Eduardo. The pace begins to grow and Brazil squeezes.

(Min 30) Nilmar forgives and the ball hits the post !!!!!!!! What center of Luis Fabiano that Nilmar finishes and saves Eduardo. In the counter, possible penalty against Tiago that ends in yellow against the midfielder for throwing himself. The match is broken.

(Min 29) The corner ends without problems. It ends in a counterattack from Portugal with Cristiano who quickly cuts Gilverto Silva. Brazil is clear about the concept and is not cut. Italian techniques in boots full of magic.

(Min 28) Brazil begins to lose its essence. The bands, now, do not exist. Only right with Alves. Pepe now saves a center of Barça. Another corner

(Min 27) The game has balanced a little more, because Brazil does not attack so much and Portugal needs Brazil to look for it to storm the spaces left by the South American defenses.

(Min 27) Beauty competition also in the stands.

(Min 25) Cristiano is crazy !!!! He has tried to throw a shoe from almost Lisbon (about 38 meters) that has ended almost outside the stadium. It has been left over and the stands make fun of him. The Brazilian tier is understood.

(Min 23) Uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!! Mexican gunman in the middle of the game. We explain it. Duda's long pass to Cristiano Ronaldo who was left alone, Juan stops her with his hand. The referee (Mexican) yellows Juan … and Dunga for protesting. It could have been red.

(Min 22) Not only does Alves live in Brazil. Luis Fabiano forces a corner and the stadium shouts. The play ends in nothing.

(Min 22) Ivory Coast brand the second. We had done the math wrong. The African team needs a fuss of scandal and a few fall to Portugal. For now, the neighboring country breathes calmly.

(Min 20) He does not know how to move the Portugal ball judiciously if it is not to throw himself into an open grave in kickback. Not a bad idea, but risky. Either take out the square and the bevel in the passes to the front or it will be annoyed that it works.

(Min 19) Portugal remains locked. No, they are not afraid, it is Queiroz's tactic that always wants to go against it.

(Min 19) As you can see, the 'true Ronaldo' is also in the field. Show in the stands. What party!!!

(Min 17) Tiagoooooooooooo !!!! The strategy works for Portugal. Again Coentrao finds his back to Maicon and his center tops him with a bow in the front of Tiago. The ball, to the left of Julio Cesar by little.

(Min 16) And Brazil returns to the usual. I play for you, you play for me and start again. Alves tries it from afar … for now it is active but it is the only thing that Brazil has shown. No other player has hit the door yet.

(Min 14) But what does Luis Fabiano do !!!! What a hint he has done to Pepe. Yellow for Sevilla. The cable has been crossed. By the way, Cristiano is aware. If he sees a yellow one he wouldn't play eighths … and he could play against Spain.

(Min 14) Wake up Portugal !!!! Coentrao puts it from the right, the ball that clears it as Julio César can and the ball ends up falling at the feet of Cristiano whose bowling is cleared by a defense. The duel starts to get pretty.

(Min 13) Rumor in the Portuguese stands: He has scored Ivory Coast !!! If you dial Brazil, Portugal would be on the street. Attentive

(Min 13) From side to side. Brazil tries on the left. What does not work ?, well on the right. And start over until you find spaces.

(Min 12) Dunga's seal shows. Portugal is recovering the ball and tries to move it with more acceleration, but quickly presses Brazil with many help among its men. It is a team, more than a sum of stars.

(Min 11) Dunga is calm on the bench. Your team is doing very well.

(Min 10) Try to have a little more Portugal ball opening for the band, but they can't do anything. The right wing of Brazil is a yatacante defensive machine. Maicon and Alves add twelve lungs. What a display !!!!

(Min 9) Look at him !!! Cristiano is on the pitch. He has taken a ball to … give it to Gilberto Silva. A sign in the stands says: “Ronaldo there is only one, the rest are Christians”. The signature a Brazilian, of course.

(Min 8) The right wing is the protagonist of Brazil. Rushing almost always baseline with Portugal stuck in the area. Suffer behind and try to go against it.

(Min 7) Coentrao vs Maicon. The Portuguese side saves her but is beginning to suffer with the Maicon-Alves couple. The dream of every team !!! Christian does not exist. It's not real. At least in this match.

(Min 6) Portugal doesn't smell it. The Korean game was a win for the Portuguese but the feelings were not good. Eye. They are not mathematically involved and depend on what happens in Korea – Ivory Coast.

(Min 5) Initial non-aggression pact. Both are somewhat slow ….¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Alves !!!!!!!!!! What will we talk about? What a kick that has gotten him from almost 25 meters, has been diverted by a little. Barça is in danger. Yes, now it looks like Barça

(Min 4) Pepe is a scandal today. With hair and mediocentro. Pedja Mijatovic has to hallucinate him. This is not the player he signed. Queiroz is to make him look.

(Min 3) Brazil moves it. We are trying to guess if Brazil's drawing is finally 4-3-3. It looks more like a 4-4-2 in rhombus with Baptista hooking in a rhombus in the center of the field.

(Min 2) Is this Álves? What a way to get the corners. Looks like your bad twin brother. Ball for Portugal, which has started the match with two substitutes.

(Min 1) No problems for Portugal. Indolent the corner kick. More plugged Brazil and …. ¡arrea !!! Second corner Follow the danger in Dunga's boots.

(Min 1) The show starts soon. Corner for Brazil !!! Alves will take it out.


Sit back and start enjoying a great game. The possible rivals of Spain on stage. Brazil plays it.

The two teams, a priori, will play with a 4-3-3. Offensive deployment that can make the duel very bright.

How curious to see Pepe singing the anthem of Portugal when he was born in Brazil. There he trained until he was given the opportunity to travel to Portugal. He didn't even think about it. Now face your 'ex-country'. They don't focus on him while the Brazilian anthem is playing, but maybe he'll hum it. This is about to start !!!

The teams jump and the anthems of each other sound! Durban speaks Portuguese for a day and the atmosphere is tremendous. Colorful and full of emotions. The hymns of both sets are beautiful. What a show !!!!


Welcome to the World Cup in South Africa. Welcome to a great game with morbid included. Portugal and Brazil play a duel with their mind set, rather than in the second round (Brazil has already achieved it, Portugal needs a point) on how to avoid Spain (if those of Del Bosque are classified) at the cross of eighths. Everything is possible. Being first or second does not avoid haggling to the Spanish team.

Meanwhile, both teams hope to offer a show, although the truth is that their lineups are not conventional. Surprising (and much) in Portugal that Pepe will play as a starter, but in the midfield As the only reference. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the center forward.

In Brazil, Dunga reserves his best men. He cannot count on Kaka, sanctioned. Baptista replaces him. Alves will play on the right wing in the center of the field. Strange movements for a party that promises. Hopefully there is no tongo or tie agreed. From here our rival could leave in the round of 16.