Euroleague: A lethal Malcolm Delaney in the triples takes Barça against the Olympia in Milan | Euroleague 2019



Delaney (5d) enters the basket against Gudaitis (4d).

It was up to Barça to sweat a lot to take a hard win at the end against the Olympia in Milan. A match in which a Malcolm Delaney absolutely lethal in the triples (26 points, 37 valuation), accompanied by one more day in the office of Nikola Mirotic and some successful Brandon Davies and Kyle Kuric, was absolutely decisive to neutralize a team that had the Chacho Rodríguez, Kaleb Tarczewski and Nemanja Nedovic as its most prominent players. Injury Thomas Heurtel, who doubled his left ankle in a fortuitous action, would lead to a visitor reaction that was about to cost the locals very expensive. His return to the duel, after the break, would ultimately be a final victory to add another victory to his credit in the Euroleague and thus maintain the second place. (Narration and statistics: 84-80)

The Barça team started the game, dominating the first quarter widely. Again, with Nikola Mirotic as his main argument, although he also had the punctual and successful appearances of Malcolm Delaney. Those of Pesic They also showed a strong defensive attitude and the Olimpia of Milan managed to prevent the differences in the scoreboard from being wider thanks, above all, to their greatest success in the triples (three of seven attempts by none in three attempts by the Catalans) and the contribution of Nemanja Nedovic. The set of Messina He managed to tighten things, after the locals managed to leave 11 points away on the scoreboard (19-8 three minutes from the end of the quarter), to reach the end of the period with a tighter 23-17.

In the second quarter, everything that Barça had done well in the first minutes disappeared at a stroke with Thomas Heurtel's injury. The Frenchman doubled his left ankle when he stepped on the foot of Kaleb Tarczewski and had to leave the track helped by the medical services of the club. The action fell like a jug of cold water on the Catalans. In practice, he almost knocked them out, both in attack and in defense. Something that Olympia, with a choral game, knew how to take advantage of maximum favorable advantage of 12 points (31-43). The Italian team maintained its effectiveness in triples and also managed to exploit Sergio Rodríguez's appearance very well to punish the locals harshly. Those of Pesic, however, found a way to squeeze things slightly at the last minute to go to rest with an equally hard difference, but in appearance more affordable (36-45).

A partial of 14-2

After the break, however, Barça returned to the game. And how. Those of Pesic not only recovered their strongest version in defensive tasks, but also carried out lethal actions in attack. An aspect in which the lethal aim of Malcolm Delaney in the triples and the right actions of Mirotic would be tremendously decisive for the Catalans to match the score, first, and then be able to stand seven points above its rivals (58-51) with a favorable partial of 14-2. A moment of mourning that the Italians, with a new triple of the Chacho in between, would manage to turn into a 63-59 to reach the last quarter.

The last and definitive period began as a determined exchange of blows between a Barça who did not want to push the knee again against the Italians and an Olympia that saw the triumphant honeys too close to give up taking it without fighting hard for it. Those of Pesic, in the most decisive moments of the game, saw how some integers dangerously lowered both their scoring ability and their defensive baggage. To such an extent, that Olympia narrowed things to the maximum 72-71 just under four minutes to the end of the game. A moment in which. of course, the most lethal Delaney appeared again in the triples to open a gap that might be shy, but enough to allow his people to face the final moments with apparent calm.

Appearances, however, are always misleading. Between Nedovic and Tarczewski they would be responsible for putting fear back into the body of the Catalans a minute and a half from the end, slightly turning the light (76-77). A marker that Delaney, unleashed, returned to solve from beyond the line of three points to propitiate the new one and in the end take off from a Barça that would end up taking a very hard win by 84-80.

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