'Sorpasso' in the derby: the experience is great

The march of Parejo, Coquelin, Garay and Rodrigo has left Valencia orphaned of many things, but above all from experience. The che team has lost gallons and matches at a stroke in the highest category. The departure of several heavyweights has caused a 'surprise' in the derby. The experience, now, is from Levante. The granota squad, many years later, can shout out loud that in their dressing room they have more seniority in First than his neighbor.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Levante players accumulate 1950 games in the highest category. Valencia, meanwhile, adds 1608 crashes in First, just 342 duels less than his rival tonight. Today that difference will be much greater today because Gameiro and Cillessen, hardened in the elite, will be in the Mestalla stands due to injury. The accounts are clear because Parejo (with 351 games in First), Garay (201) and Rodrigo (172) no longer look black and white. His departure has left Levante commanding the derby experience.

Despite the fact that the granota team dominates in terms of seniority, The funny thing is that the derby player with the most appearances in the First Division is the injured Gameiro, with 210 games in the highest category. Morales (180), Coke (178), Gayà (176) and Wass (170) make up this particular top-5.

Levante Shield / Flag

By cons, Valencia, regardless of losses, has rejuvenated, fulfilling one of the premises of the Peter Lim project. The whole ché has an average age of 25.6 years. However, The casualties caused Javi Gracia to announce yesterday a call full of young people and homegrown players, in which the mean age did not exceed 24 years (23.7). Yunus, one of the pearls of the Academy, debuted on the list at 17 years old. Wass, on the other hand, was the longest-serving of the Ché citation, with 31.

The Levante, more seasoned, has an average of 27.7 years, just two more than its neighbor without counting the losses and absences of the experts Cillessen and Gameiro. It is clear that in experience and gray hair, Levante wins.