Djurdjevic gives Sporting the first victory against debutant Logroñés

A goal from Djurdjevic With two minutes remaining in the game, he gave Sporting victory against a Logroñés who made his debut in the Second Division and who defended himself correctly throughout the game, but who left empty of He
Molinon in a loose encounter by the two teams.

The local technician, David
Galician, He had to face the first league game with a line-up conditioned by the lack of reinforcements given that Sporting is the only Second team that has not made any signings and by the large number of players with a subsidiary file.

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Three of them made up the starting eleven, the wingers Bogdan and Paul
Garcia and the extreme Gaspar, and Galician opted for the defenestrated last season Borja López to accompany Babin in the center of the defense in the face of the discomfort he suffered Marc
Brave for most of the preseason.

Logroñés visited for the first time He
Molinon with a mixture of veteran and young players although very few with experience in professional football since it is the first time that this club reaches the Second division.

The first part was a fight in the center of the field until, little by little, the locals took control of the game with plays by the bands, one of the premises that the coach wants to implement, but that did not generate danger for the team. goal defended by veteran My no.

The first time was local in a cross shot from the midfielder Pedro
Diaz But the offensive actions of the Gijoneses did not have continuity and on the occasions that they approached the Riojan goal they ran into Alex
Perez, which kept his defense orderly.

Offensive attempts by Logroñés did not cause danger in the immediate vicinity of the local area, where Marine The first part was very quiet because the people from La Rioja barely tried their luck, so the next occasion also corresponded to the Sporting in a head shot of Borja
Lopez that came out.

The best chance came from a deep pass from Gaspar over Djurdjevc who went a bit heeled and his shot crashed into the left post of the visitor's goal.

The actions of Pedro
Diaz and Manu
Garcia made Logroñés have to use himself thoroughly until he reached the break, a period in which the Sporting had a couple more chances before starting the second half with the claim of a penalty in a few minutes in which the two teams turned the ball easily and the game was hardly fluid.

In a minute the Sporting enjoyed twice, the first in a distant shot from Aitor
Garcia, to which Miño responded with a great clearance, and in the next corner Javi
Fire He gave the ball his head to Borja López, who was not expecting it and could hardly touch it, thus wasting a great opportunity.

The Riojan reply came after a foul by Pablo García that Andy headed loose and easy for the goalkeeper and then the changes began by Logroñés in search of improving their game, but the match continued to be of unsuccessful local dominance and with the defenses clearly imposing itself on the forwards.

When everything indicated that the game was going to end goalless, a great pass from Manu
Garcia about the arrival of Djurdjevic, who dribbled to Alex
Perez and he launched a cross shot at mid-height that Miño did not reach, ruining the great defensive work of the entire game.

Lgroñés tried until the end and even the goalkeeper My no He went up to try to finish off a corner that Sporting defended well and after which he wanted to launch a counter with his rival's goal empty, but the Riojans managed to stop him and the game did not give for more.

1.- Sporting: Mariño, Bogdan, Borja López, Babin, Pablo García, Javi Fuego, Pedro Díaz, Gaspar (älvaro Vázquez m, 74), Manu García, Aitor García (Pablo Pérez m, 90) and Djurdjevic.

0.- Logroñés: Miño, Iago López, Gorka, Álex Pérez, Iñaki, Zelu (Bobadilla m, 86), Andy, Olaetxea (Petcoff m, 61), Errasti (David González m, 70), Rubén Martínez (Andoni López m , 62) and Ander Vitoria (Sierra m, 70).

Goals: 1-0 Durjdjevic (m, 88)

Referee: Gorostegui Fernández. He showed yellow cards to Errasti (m, 61)

Incidents: First day played without public.