On several occasions they photographed the queen letizia, then princess, in bathing clothes. Years later, Sonsoles Onegafriend of the woman of Philip VIhas commented on those famous images that gave so much to talk about.

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“Very bad! What a mania!”, He commented this Monday in his Antena 3 afternoon program. For her, the “caughts” of this type are part of the privacy of any person: “What right does any publication have to spread the body of a person who does not want to teach voluntarily?”, he snapped. In 2011, Doña Letizia starred in this cover of Week (bottom image).

The presenter of it’s already noon He commented on these images as a result of a curious and spontaneous image that the Asturian consort took with a women’s water polo team at the Real Natación Club in Madrid. An image that goes out of the line of all those protocols that we are used to seeing, since the act did not fall within her real agenda.

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The friendship between Sonsoles and Doña Letizia goes back a long way. Fernando Ónega’s daughter is one of the friends with whom he drinks coffee outside of Zarzuela and shares confidences. In the gang there are other friends like Maria Ona, Ana Prieto o Tabernacle Ruiz de Apodaca. A few months ago, in the summer, the Atresmedia journalist also praised her friend on TV, when the queen contracted Covid: “It’s the first time she’s taken sick leave, and nothing happens, right? “.