Andrea y julia januarydaughters of Jesulin de Ubrique, have taken two different paths in life when it comes to their public exposure. While Andreíta, as she has been known since she was little, daughter of the bullfighter and the media bethlehem estebanwants to be a radio host and keep her image safe from public exposure, her little sister, Juls, as she calls herself, and daughter of Maria Jose Campanario, wants the opposite; Through her social networks, she exposes her image and her life to become a recognized influencer. This position can cause problems in the legal process that she initiated against Mediaset and the collaborator Kiko Hernandezwho have been fined in the first instance for a “crime of illegitimate interference in the right to honor, personal and family privacy and one’s own image” against young Julia the day she became of legal age and could ” depixelate” his face.

Just because the Janeiro sisters face their parents’ fame so differently doesn’t mean they don’t get along. Their relationship is correct, according to what they say in their environment, but their vision of their professional future and their media exposure is very different.

The daughter of the people’s princess has always wanted to be anonymous, which has cost her great efforts due to the importance and public exposure of her parents. Although her mother has protected her since she was very young, she has always been persecuted by the glossy media. She made it clear that she was not going to live as a Sálvame collaborator on the same day she turned 18, when she issued a clarifying statement: “Due to the media pressure to which I am being subjected, I want to say publicly to all the media that put an end to this situation and the violation of my right to honor, privacy and self-image”.

And she has fulfilled it, because Andrea does not have social networks, except for the accounts of some fan club that she cannot avoid, and her discretion reaches the point that there are hardly any photos of her. Although she has studied Communication in Birmingham, her intention is that she only be known by her voice, since she wants to become a radio host. In fact, she has already been able to do an internship in the program directed by Tony Aguilar in Los 40 de la Ser, where her colleagues have recognized her work and her predisposition.

Andrea also leads a discreet life personally, quite unlike the rest of her family. She has been in a relationship since 2017 with Daniel Wozzaan English citizen whom he met in Benidorm, who, although he does have a Facebook account, only mentions his relationship with Andreíta in it, without much excess information about their relationship, which he qualifies as “open”.

Juls, the passionate influencer of spotlights

Little Janeiro in the which of his sister when it comes to public exposure. At 19 years old, she wants to dedicate herself to the world of fashion, to be a model and an influencer. For this, she already has a worked Instagram account with almost 225,000 followers, in which she shows her beauty as a catwalk professional. The young woman has already undergone surgery to increase her breasts and some other retouching, her life is focused on clothing, cosmetics and travel, and her love life has been more varied and well-known than that of the her older sister.

Julia has maintained courtships with the soccer players Bryan Mejia y Alex Balboaand currently dating a third ball professional, the Italian Tommy Rossi who plays for Getafe B.

Despite the fact that she likes to expose herself, Juls wants to be the one who controls her career, so she did not hesitate to denounce Mediaset and the collaborator Kiko Hernández, because in April 2021, when she turned 18, several spaces in the chain (Socialité and Sálvame) they started a countdown to depixelate the photographs that she herself had shared through social networks. “She hated the cameras, now she loves them. From a girl to an influencer,” said the news labels.

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On January 19, a ruling from the Investigating Court number 2 of Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) sided with Juls and sentenced the daughter of Jesulín and María José Campanario to pay 220,000 euros in compensation for a crime of physical harassment although there is still an appeal in the Provincial Court, so this war between the cameras of Telecinco and Julia still continues.

The favorable ruling states that Mediaset committed a “crime of illegitimate interference in the right to honor, personal and family privacy and self-image” of Julia Janeiro and sentences her to pay 190,000 euros. In addition, it also sentences Kiko Hernández to pay 30,000 euros to the plaintiff for her statements about her in two Sálvame programs.