Sonsoles Ónega breaks down crying in front of a victim of bullying: “Sorry… it’s very hard”

Tremendous testimony comes from Carlos, a 14-year-old boy who has been bullied at school since he was 6. He has gone through four schools and has tried to commit suicide on several occasions. This is what he told this Thursday to Sonsoles Onega when the presenter, completely broken, began to cry: “Sorry… it’s just very hard”He said.

The driver of YAS She chatted with mother and son and listened to their story, visibly moved. She put up with ‘the guy’ until Carlos told her how she tried to jump out of his father’s moving car: “I tried to commit suicide many times, I didn’t want to live.” Some words that caused Sonsoles to cry. After stopping the interview for a few seconds and taking a breath, he recovered: “I apologize, but seeing a 14-year-old boy, the age of our children, saying that he has attempted suicide many times is very hard.”

It must be remembered that Sonsoles is the mother of two teenagers, Yago and Gonzalo, the result of her marriage to Carlos Pardo, whom she divorced in 2008. To them, precisely, she dedicated her Planeta award: “I hope they think that it was worth all the time.” time that I have stolen from them.”

Carlos, Sonsoles’ guest, and his mother have suffered hell all these years (“No one believed us, they said we were making it up”) but they have already left it behind: “Now I do have friends,” said the young man with a smile. “To those who made my life impossible I would say that they have no shame.”