Madonna, the queen of pop, dazzles in Barcelona: all the details of the concert

The show returns. It’s been eight years since Madonna dazzled with its indisputable show in Barcelona. This Wednesday, nostalgia took over the followers who follow every step of the queen of pop and gathered 18,000 followers at the classic Palau Sant Jordi. That they longed for Madonna is irreproachable. Therefore, they cheered in unison each song of the Celebration tour (a tour that pays tribute to his four decades on stage).

The good things make you wait. Therefore, their enthusiastic fans stoically endured the hour and a half delay. When Madonna set foot on stage, she kicked off the show with Nothing really matters (Everything has changed, I will never be the same), a sincere wink to her followers.

Thus began the journey through each of his hits along with a choreography that accompanied his iconic voice. During the two and a half hour concert, viewers traveled to the New York of her youth. “I love you. Cheers!”, she greeted with a bottle of beer in her hand. “Welcome to this show, the story of my life. We have to learn to look at our past and forgive the person we were,” she said while in the bedroom In case -from the album Madonna published in 1983- as well as Live to tellfrom True Blue (1986) and Like a prayer – included in his fourth studio album with the same name – which came out in 1989.

For her date with Barcelona, ​​the winner of seven Grammy Awards, including Best Pop Album in 1999 for Ray of Light, wore a pink dress along with high black boots. Likewise, she gave the public a performance with her daughter Mercy Jameswith whom he has performed on piano Bad Girl.

His eternal fight for the LGTBI collective

The artist addressed the public to remember her fight for LGTBI rights. “The idea that there are lives that matter more than others is what’s wrong with the world,” she said in the middle of the concert. Later, she delighted her followers with a version of Survive by Gloria Gaynor, who advocates inclusivity and hospitality.