Sonia Ferrer reveals that her topless cover was blackmail: “Let’s clarify once and for all…”

The scandal over the Rubiales case has uncovered in recent days the macho practices that take place not only in the world of football but in many other professional fields and that have dragged on for decades. The last to raise her voice has been Sonia Ferrerthat after publicly defending Jenni Beautiful has revealed having been the victim of blackmail.

The presenter, a pro feminist, has responded to a tweeter who was trying to “shame” her for having carried out a topless photo shoot for a now-non-existent well-known magazine. She has responded emphatically: “Let’s clarify once and for all. That cover was the result of blackmail. ‘Some beautiful photos without showing anything and instead we don’t publish this stolen topless thing we’ve done to you’ (my mother was also seen). Very common practice at that time (2007) “. And he has finished: “That there would be no problem if he wanted to do it without blackmail, but there was.”

Sonia Ferrer’s story has aroused a wave of solidarity among her followers: “Dear Sonia, don’t justify yourself. It’s over”, “Double barbarity. One, the photos that they have forced you to take. Two, that someone (anonymous, for vary) I judged you by those photos”, “Shameful, all my support Sonia”… The tweeter in question has deleted the post in less than an hour.

The gathering of Public mirror She has been defending Jenni Hermoso for days not only from the Antena 3 set but also from her social networks, where this Monday a user called her “vermin”. She is not shy when it comes to answering: “Let’s see, gentleman, relax, I notice you’re upset and there’s no big deal.” She is not the only one. A few days ago, Sara Sálamo reported to the police that she had received threats on Twitter after Isco Alarcón stood up for the Spanish champion: “Police, this cannot be allowed.”