Something smells like forgiveness in Denmark: Mary reappears exultant and will continue with Frederick in exchange for being queen

It was repeated shakespiriana Hamlet's phrase after Federico's big catch with the Mexican Genoveva Casanova in Madrid: “Something smells rotten in Denmark”, we heard in all the gatherings. There was speculation that this year that has just begun would be the year of the announcement of Divorce between Mary Donaldson and Prince Frederick. Not only will it not be like that. It rather smells like forgiveness in Denmark. This Sunday, December 31, Queen Margaret chose her traditional New Year's Eve speech to announce, at the end of the message and by surprise, her decision to abdicate in favor of her son., whose popularity is not going through its best moment after the scandal that followed the publication of his photos with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid.

On January 14, the sovereign will abdicate. At that time, Frederick and Mary Donaldson will proclaim themselves Kings of Denmark. The Prince will bear the name of Frederick X, will be the head of State, the supreme authority of the Danish People's Church and of course Commander-in-Chief of the Danish Armed Forces. “It is the right time,” said Margarita, 83, recognizing that the health problems she has suffered in recent times have weighed on her unexpected decision.

“Time does not pass without leaving its mark on anyone, not even me. Time wears out, and misfortunes accumulate. We no longer overcome the same things we used to do. In February of this year, I underwent extensive back surgery “Everything went well, but the operation also gave rise to reflections on the future, on whether it was time to pass responsibility to the next generation,” he confessed in his speech, in which he also wanted to thank “the overwhelming warmth and support” that has received over the years from the Danish people, from whom he has asked for Federico and Mary “the same trust and affection that I have received.” “They deserve it,” he assured.

Hours after the announcement, the Danish Royal Family reappeared almost in full at the traditional New Year's gala dinner that Queen Margaret offered at the Royal Palace of Amalienborg to the Official Corps, the Diplomatic Corps, the Armed Forces and the Danish Agency of Emergencies to toast 2024.

United and exultant: speculation about their imminent divorce is left behind

All eyes have been on Federico and Mary Donaldson. They were their first images after learning that in less than two weeks they will be the king and queen consort of Denmark. They have been seen united and exultant and have taken center stage in the great celebration of this January 1st in Copenhagen.

Gorgeous, The future Queen consort of Denmark has worn a burgundy velvet dress with a bateau neckline and a jewel belt marking the waist, as well as an impressive ruby ​​floral tiara while her husband, by her side at all times, has been much more smiling than in his last public appearances. It will be next January 14 when Margaret signs her abdication and Frederick is proclaimed King of Denmark on the balcony of Christianborg, a historic day for the Danish people.

Who is Frederick X, the new king of Denmark: from the photos with Genevieve to the forgiveness of Mary Donaldson, the new queen

Prince Frederick will become king on January 14 after his mother's abdication. The heir and new head of state inaugurates a new stage in the history of the country, in which there has never been an abdication since Denmark became a hereditary monarchy in 1660. Furthermore, Frederick's questionable behavior becomes even more relevant because, in addition to being head of state, he will be the supreme authority of the Danish People's Church and of course Commander-in-Chief of the Danish Armed Forces.

Born on May 26, 1966, the result of the marriage of Margaret II and the French nobleman Henri Laborde de Monpezat, his hobbies are known, some of them as plausible as traveling or extreme sports. Others not so much. Because there is no doubt that the future King really likes women. The new Monarch, who will be in two weeks, has had affairs with actresses and models, and his mother has never approved of his relationships. In 1992, he was arrested by the police when he was drunk, along with his girlfriend at the time, and driving under the influence of alcohol. This incident caused a great scandal in Denmark and even the Danish Parliament called for Frederick's resignation as heir to the throne.

Federico met Mary Donaldson at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Years later, Frederick met his wife, Mary Donaldson, at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. After a four-year courtship, Queen Margaret gave her approval for their marriage and they were married in Copenhagen Cathedral. They have had four children.

But after Federico got married he was caught red-handed kissing another woman during a night out in Copenhagen. In 2017, the Danish press accused the prince of having been unfaithful to Mary with a luxury prostitute and having paid her thousands of euros to silence her.

Photos with Genoveva Casanova

For Spaniards, the previous controversies were not as high-profile as the scandal that broke out last November, after his relationship with the Mexican model Genoveva Casanova came to light. The prince traveled to Madrid and walked with the Mexican woman, had dinner with her on the terrace and spent the night at her house. The ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo never admitted having a relationship other than friendship with Mary Donaldson's husband. However, the evidence of the images disseminated in Spain by the magazine Lecturas unleashed a colossal media tsunami, which has not yet ceased. Genoveva Casanova has not reappeared in public since days after the images were released.

There has been speculation about a possible crisis matrimonial con Mary Donaldson, who was surprised by the report during the state visit of the kings of Spain to Denmark. During the meetings, in which Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia tried to appear normal, expressions from the Australian woman were seen that conveyed more meaning than any statement, since none was produced.

Afterwards, the prince and his wife spent days apart, But days ago we saw them together again, with their children, posing to display family unity. Federico and Mary reappeared on Christmas Eve to attend the traditional mass celebrated in the cathedral of Arhus. In the image you can see complicity and family unity, and they silence the rumors of a bad relationship. Whether Frederick's alleged sin is forgiven or not, the future of the Danish monarchy seems to be more important than the feelings of the one who is going to be queen consort of Denmark. Does it sound familiar to you?