Sofía Vergara's 24 hours in Madrid: from mountain stew to photocall madness

The Colombian star has landed in Spain to promote his new series on Netflix, Griselda, and has paralyzed the capital. She has not only taken advantage of this trip to visit the most emblematic sites of Madrid, but also to enjoy the native cuisine. After the media commotion during his visit to The Anthill due to the continuous scuffles with Pablo Motos, Sofia He has visited the Callao cinemas to premiere his series.

In this new project, starring and produced by herself, Vergara plays Griselda Blanco, a Colombian woman who ended up creating one of the most powerful cartels and who was known as The Godmother of Cocaine or The Black Widow – given the deaths of two of her three husbands: “It caught my attention that a woman could become so bad, and could do so many things and compete in such a difficult world. Because I lived through drug trafficking, I know what drug trafficking is.”he commented.

The faces of other cast members have also appeared at the evening, such as Manolo Caro o Milena Balic. But if there is someone who has attracted everyone's attention, it has been Sofía Vergara. The model has opted for a tight black mermaid-cut design with bare shoulders to pose on the red carpet. A design accompanied by accessories with golden teardrop-shaped maxi earrings and two diamond rings. Without a doubt, faithful to her own style, where sensuality and elegance play a fundamental role.

A few hours before the presentation, the Golden Globe nominee enjoyed Madrid cuisine at the La bien Aparecida restaurant, located in the Salamanca neighborhood. Since her arrival by private jet, the actress has not stopped trying the most typical dishes of the capital. According to ECDin this restaurant, Vergara was able to taste Santander rabas, Russian salad, fine pan-seared clams or mountain stew: “I love Madrid, I have always had many friends here, the food, the people and bringing this project has been a dream”says the actress.

After regaining her strength, Sofía had an interview with Vicky Martin Berrocal for your podcast alone with. An interview where it is not surprising that the actress brings out the most personal side of her and opens up about her love life after divorcing Joe Manganiello after seven years of marriage.