José Luis Martínez Almeida jokes about his wedding with Teresa Urquijo: “I will have to give up some vices”

The mayor of Madrid has already set the countdown to live one of the most important days of his 48 years: his wedding with Teresa Urquijo (27). It will be next April 6 at the bride's family's farm and although José Luis Martínez Almeida (48) is very discreet with his private life, he joked this Tuesday about the changes that becoming a married man will entail next spring: “I'll have to give up some vices, I'll have to get my act together.”

The PP politician has visited the radio program Madrid Direct with Nieves Herrero, where he spoke about his next match: “It is a very important day and I think it is a long-awaited day, but since I have talked about derbies, we are going game by game. There are three months left, there is a lot to do.”

Almeida is aware of the interest that this wedding arouses among citizens and the press: “Things are like that, one is a public figure, in my case it is an honor, not a burden, to be mayor of Madrid.” And he added: “I am tremendously respectful, shy as you said, it is difficult for me to talk about these issues but I appreciate the congratulations, the affection I receive from people on the street but this does not derail me, here we have to work every day.”

After having publicly revealed that during his single life and since he became mayor of Madrid we could only find a few yogurts in his refrigerator, Almeida recognizes that this will change after becoming a married man: “I will have to give up some vices at 48 years of life as a It's that empty refrigerator, I'll have to get on with it.”