Simone Biles returns putting her name on another historic jump

The American lands the ‘Yurchenko double pike’ and places first at the Antwerp World Cup


The American gymnast Simone Biles reappeared in a major international event at the World Cup that is being held in Antwerp (Belgium), with a historic jump when landing the ‘Yurchenko double pike’, the first woman to achieve it to rename it ‘Biles II’, the fifth element that bears his name.

The award-winning gymnastics star competes internationally for the first time since a two-year break to treat her mental health after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The 26-year-old athlete placed first this Sunday in the rankings. all around’ of the World Cup with 58,865 points.

Her Yurchenko with a double backflip earned a 15.266 and was already named Biles II after another original jump of hers was named ‘Biles’ in 2018. The American, who reappeared with victory at the US Classic in August, surprised in Tokyo 2020 withdrawing from five of its six finals.

After one of the big news stories from the last Olympic event, Biles herself explained that she was suffering from ‘twisties’, a mental block that, in the case of a gymnast, could lead to total insecurity in her performances and the danger of falls.

Two years later, in her sixth World Cup, Biles reappeared with a unique jump ready to expand her record, being the oldest member of the United States team. The Ohioan has 25 world medals, more than any other gymnast, and seven Olympic medals, and she has already given her name to five skills: two on the floor, two on the vault and one on the balance beam.