Jorge Javier looks at Supervivientes after falling alongside La Fábrica de la Tele, facing Mediaset

Relations between La Fábrica de la Tele and Mediaset España are experiencing their lowest hours after 16 years of commissions from the audiovisual group to the production company controlled by Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, suffering after the cancellation of Chinese stories.

Sources close to the factory that created Save me and the entire universe that surrounded the magazine explain that “the end of the program’s broadcast in the access prime time, “but it was expected that Mediaset España would offer a worthy exit to the project with a ‘plan b’ that could have included the conversion of the space into a prime time program.”

It is true that at least La Fábrica de la Tele has not seen its ego damaged since, this time, the end of Chinese Tales has not been leaked, as happened when Sálvame fell, since it has been the editor of Telecinco itself which announced the cancellation through a WhatsApp sent to the press.

From 9.4% to 5.8%

With ten blurred installments he has told Chinese Tales, an indefinite format and lacking relevant interviewees with whom he could have at least competed with The anthillvery reinforced after sweeping its strip.

Jorge Javier Vazquez intended to make up for the bitter end of Save me in which he could not even participate due to his recognized health problems. But the program started with a gray 9.4% and in the penultimate installment it fell to 5.8%, which condemned it to being comfortably surpassed by the products of networks that do not compete face to face against Telecinco, First Dates (Four) or The intermediate (The sixth).

Jorge Javier Vázquez himself already saw what was coming when he wrote in Lecturas that “the program’s audiences are, being benevolent, clearly subject to improvement. Personally, they are not meeting my expectations either. I expected better figures. It is important to accept the situation. Not to try adorn it or cling to strange excuses,” said the presenter.

And, after the drama was confirmed, the one from Badalona once again opted for a friendly tone on Instagram: “I arrived in the neighborhood willing to stay for a long time, but the rents are through the roof! It couldn’t be. From here my most sincere congratulations to Pablo Motos, Carlos Sobera, Wyoming and, of course, to the entire cast of 4 stars because they remain on the fringe thanks to what we all look for when starting a program: success.

The Mediaset star added: “It’s time to pack your bags and, as he told us yesterday Manuela Carmena: continue trusting in life. Always. Thank you and sorry for not having been able to find the key to your complicity. “That’s the shame I have left.” Susi Caramel He preferred irony: “I hope you liked the first season of Chinese Tales, looking forward to the second being recorded,” he wrote.

The Via Crucis of La Fábrica de la Tele

Almost five months ago, the ground opened beneath La Fábrica de la Tele’s feet when it found out, as we advance in this portal, that its emblematic Save me was going to be cancelled. The co-owner of the production company Óscar Cornejo was hurt by the emotional blow and remarked that Sálvame said goodbye “as a leader, with the enormous affection of millions of viewers, and with a talented and brilliant team in front of and behind the cameras.”

The Factory itself highlighted that Save me It was “the longest-running afternoon program in the history of Spanish television. A legacy that no one can erase and that is already part of the popular culture of this country, as other legendary television programs did in their day. To all who during these 14 years have followed us with passion, thank you.

Cornejo, after tempering the bagpipes with the new CEO of Mediaset España, ruled out the possibility of closing the production company to found another outside the Telecinco universe: “There are cases like ours in which a program dies as a leader because they want to let it rest for a while or look for new formulas to carry it out in the future. But they are programs, not people. People are still alive and we will make more programs.”

And Salem himself tried to de-dramatize the traumatic cancellation: “On television there is a rule: you can’t settle down and let things wear out. It’s better to try to change as much as possible and take risks. This is how you protect the brand. It’s give him a way out through the front door,” he said.

Better future for Jorge Javier Vázquez than for La

Tele Factory

Mediaset España is running out of silver bullets for Telecinco to get back on its feet and, at least, can try not to suffer a dramatic year-on-year drop and, perhaps, fight for second place with the reborn La 1 de TVE.

In the company they explain that the future of Jorge Javier Vázquez could be more promising than that of the Factory itself, since the growing strength of factories such as Unicorn Content (Ana Rosa Quintana) or the production companies of the French giant Banijay leave him practically without space.

The former presenter of Here is tomato, For now, he has two years of contract ahead of him with the group and could be commissioned to lead the most ambitious project that Telecinco has for the rest of this season, the new edition of Survivorswhich will change production companies (Banijay’s Cuarzo entering and Bulldog TV leaving).

The Tele Factory, on the other hand, dreams that Mediaset España will commission a new format (for example, for Friday night) that will cover the gap that the million-dollar films from Disney, with irregular behavior, according to the title, but with very little loyalty and with an average share of around 10%.

Because, if they do not receive a consolation prize, Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid would have to stick to non-daily, medium or low cost formats (It’s all a lie, Socialite or the Chester). Therefore, they admit from Mediaset, this situation could “invite a break with the group by the producers, who could launch a new factory based on their good relations with TVE or Netflix.”

As for the ‘flirtation’ of the current ‘owners’ of La Fábrica with Jose Pablo Lopezgeneral director of content at TVE, assure us that from the corporation, managed in the shadows by José Miguel Contreras or Miguel Barroso, at the moment it does not look favorably on having the former manufacturers of Save me.