Simeone: “We are nothing like Madrid, they continually win”


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Diego Pablo Simeon – Irina R. Hipolito / AFP7 / Europa Press

“I’m glad to see Joao Félix improve in training”


The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that his team and Real Madrid “do not” look alike “at all”, after the white coach Carlo Ancelotti assured that they had points in common, since the Madrid team he wins “continually” and they must make “a continuous effort”, and he was pleased to see “the improvement” of the Portuguese Joao Félix in training.

“We are not alike at all, because Madrid manages to win continuously; we make a continuous effort year after year to get closer to Barcelona and Real Madrid, who are the best almost every year. With our spirit and our weapons, we seek to do which brings us closer to competing against them”, he declared at a press conference.

In another order of things, he spoke about the situation of the Portuguese Joao Félix in the team. “I’m glad to see Joao’s improvement in training. Hopefully it will be a consequence if he gets to play 20, 30, 60 or 101 minutes,” he said. “When talking about Joao, the focus is on what happens to Joao; if it happened to Correa, Cunha, Morata or Griezmann, the subject would not be discussed in the same way. Talking about Joao generates opinion and discussion,” he said. .

“I already explained what was happening. He is training better, with good energy and good feelings, so hopefully when he has to play he will do it the same way he is doing it in training. As for the system, I don’t think it will influence nothing. Let’s hope they are all well, because we need them all, and consequently the group will improve”, he continued.

In addition, the Argentine coach stressed the importance of having the fans by his side, especially after the blow of this week’s draw at home against Rayo. “We have to get back strong at home with the support of our people, so that the team recovers that energy that is always transmitted from the outside in. We have to excite people, which is what people need to be hooked with the team,” he said.

“People go to the field to see a show, to see their team win, to see their team play well, to be committed to the shirt, and when you show all that, people sing, for sure,” he added.

On the other hand, the ‘Cholo’ praised the work of Chilean Manuel Pellegrini at Real Betis. “We have broadcast it at Atlético de Madrid and Pellegrini has broadcast it around the world. Not only in Europe, in South America he has done very well; all the teams have their brand and their game identity. He does not negotiate that state before any team, and that elevates it,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that thanks to his work the Verdiblanco team is “an increasingly competitive team”, which brings him closer “to the goal of ‘Champions'”. “LaLiga is being tough, because both Real Sociedad and Villarreal, Betis, Sevilla or Osasuna itself are growing, and that place is becoming more and more complicated,” he said.

“Betis was fighting for that ‘Champions’ place until the end of the season. In the end they didn’t make it because they made a great effort in the Copa del Rey. The path to follow is what they are doing, because it is very good. It is a dangerous team, dynamic, with a very good attack, with a lot of mobility in the offensive part… That is its greatest virtue”, he concluded.