Kiko Rivera’s worst hangover has come at only 38 years old, but maybe it will save his life

Kiko Rivera claims to be “better, but not recovered”. As we have already anticipatedthe son of Isabel Pantoja He has reappeared this Saturday on his social networks to give a message. This time it is not to insult his mother or his sister or his cousin Anabel nor his brother Francisco.

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The husband of the sufferer Irene Rosales He has broken his silence with emotional, sincere words and a positive message: “I want to thank everyone for taking an interest in my state of health. I am now on the floor a little better, but not recovered. I have received all your messages from love and they have moved me a lot. I can’t be on my mobile, but I want to thank you with all my heart. Thanks also to the nurses and the medical team who have taken care of me and have made me feel at home. It has been a tremendous scare , the greatest of my life, I never thought I was going to have a stroke and I really thought I would not get out of this. I love you all very much and God willing I’m 100% soon, “reads his note spread on his Instagram account .

This turning point may remain an anecdote if the desirable recovery occurs, but above all if it marks a before and after in the lifestyle, manners and attitude towards life of this son of Paquirrithe one that the bullfighter from Zahara de los Atunes had with Pantoja just months before being mortally wounded by Avispado in the Pozoblanco bullring in Cordoba on September 26, 1984.

Kiko’s father was an immense bullfighter, of race. And her mother, with her lights and shadows, is one of the greats, a living legend as a tonadillera. But their son, famous since he was conceived, never knew how to manage the privileges of being who he is. Sinking so low as to publicly humiliate a mother in exchange for money put him in the worst possible position. His already deteriorated image of a gulf, a night maniac and sick, trapped in drugs, fell even further when he cashed the checks that the outgoing CEO of Telecinco signed for him in exchange for several nights of torture against Isabel Pantoja, her own mother of the. Later, more exclusives, more sets, more well-paid covers to shoot at his family, with publicity, a public ridicule in exchange for coins.

But at the same time that the alarms went off, in the face of the very worrying news that Kiko had been admitted for a cardiovascular accident, the “bad mother” whom he accused of being a thief and of terrible things, that a son should never say, and less in public, on television, and for money, it appears because the entrails in which that child lived were removed from the Sevillian singer as if nothing had happened between them.

I hope Kiko calms down his life, changes his habits, eats healthy, cures his gout, his diabetes, exercises and follows the recommendations of his doctors. I hope he reflects, focuses on his wife and her children, hugs her sister and extends his arms to her mother. I hope she forgives if she has to forgive, and I hope she is forgiven. Hopefully Kiko Rivera comes out of this with no consequences other than getting rid of the mire of paid insult, of verbal violence against the mother who gave birth to him, of the hell of a bad life and understands that in reality he is losing a wonderful life, watching his children grow up. children, recovering his love for Isabel Pantoja and understanding that he is privileged, heir to two great ones.