Simeone: “The five changes give more options and possibilities”

Do you see the team ready to play with Costa and Morata?

Only seven days passed what we talked about. Three games passed, but ten days only at most.

They have conceded a goal in three games, is there a special emphasis on that?

It is clear that there will be mistakes, all teams make them. As we have commented, after the summer preparation there are friendlies that do not take place today and we must try to carry it forward, stay focused, with the security that we can best give the team. We have been rotating and I am still convinced that the strength of the team is the emotional condition of the group and if the group is clear about how it has been developing with facts what is the objective, it will be the way to reach the objective of the club.

Levante is not risking anything, but it is putting many difficulties to its rivals.

I do not go to value such situations, I value what I have seen. In the three games he has played he has always had rivals who played a lot and he responded very well in all three games. They have a medium that plays with fluency, medium distance shooting and forwards with different registers. Quick people, who go well above, agile in short spaces like Roger and we will have to take the game to where it suits us best.

Athletic Shield / Flag

How do you rate the five changes? Do you think they should stay?

It seems to me that it gives greater possibilities of game especially to footballers. People who enjoy the game need to see more options and possibilities. There are people who for three changes cannot enter the field and with this option we are discovering something new. People will see if it is convenient or not, I think that for the show there are more cool people and that does not depend on us.

Does the team need Diego Costa more or does Diego Costa need the team more?

Both parts are needed. Costa without the team cannot be Costa and the team without the best Costa loses option in attack. Hopefully we can continue how this return to the game has started.

Do you like hydration time?

I think it is more of a stop to stop the game if the temperature is high. When playing at night I do not think that this situation appears, I do not know if it has to be done always or depends on the referee. The other day we stopped in Pamplona and it was cold, I don't know if it is mandatory or not.

How do you manage to play every so little time?

The best plan is to win, from that point of view all the visions are always more optimistic and positive, I consider that the most important thing in this process is to win.

If you win it will equal Luis in victory in First Division, do you have it in mind?

I did not know, I did not know it. I have already said it a lot of times, I do not stop on the path that we are going. This is not the time to stop and look in the mirror, it is simply work, win, reach the goal and prepare in the best way what will come after the Champions League.

Have you noticed an evolution of João Félix to appear more in the final meters?

João Félix is ​​a different player, as you have always valued him. We have seen it in training and in games and surely when it grows in its occupation of spaces to spend more time in more decisive places for the team it will continue to evolve, because it has vision of the game, shooting, it has one on one, it has all the situations important to attend or break a game. I have no doubt that occupying places within the most important place to develop it in its growth in the game will come to grow even more as a footballer.