Outrage in Madrid with the new LaLiga schedules

While in Barcelona they bitterly mourn the loss of the leadership, clinging to the VAR's easy excuse, within Real Madrid there is an indiscriminate irritation after learning this Monday of the surprising new location for days 33 and 34, in which Zidane's team clearly suffers greatly from those of Setién. After the arbitrary decision was made in the first five days to always play Barça one day before the current leader, with the added pressure that almost always meant starting games five points behind Barça, they have seen that in the sixth league day after the return again it is Barça who will play before Madrid. They will do so at the Camp Nou on Tuesday the 30th, while the Whites will have to wait 48 more hours to face off against Di Stéfano at Getafe de Bordalás. But that's not the most surprising thing, but the fact that The matches of the following weekend, corresponding to day 34, allow the Setién troop to have almost double the rest compared to the Madridistas.

Despite playing the decisive match against Atleti del Cholo Simeone at Camp Nou on Tuesday, the schedule decided by LaLiga offers him no less than five days off for the difficult departure to Vila-Real against Calleja's team ( Sunday 5, 10:00 p.m.). No less than 118 hours will pass between the end of the match with Atleti and the start of the meeting with Castellón. That contrasts starkly, and that's where the white club's outrage lies, with the fact that the current leader will only have 62 hours of rest (half that of Barça!) between the end of Di Stéfano's clash with Getafe and the start of the game of San Mamés against Athletic, which will be played on Sunday 5 at 2:00 p.m.

In the Bernabéu offices, there is a lot of scaling that for the most complicated exit that theoretically remains for Zidane's men, it has been determined that they have half a rest than the rival with whom the title is played. “The truth is that they are not cut. It is striking that the first six days after the break have made them play before to put pressure on us. But with this Bilbao schedule, they are clearly trying to make us less likely to compete under the same conditions as them, ”they argue sadly at the Madrid entity. Thus, This discomfort has been transferred to LaLiga and they trust that they will at least modify either the Madrid-Getafe schedule (it could be played perfectly on Wednesday, day 1), or that the Bilbao game is the last turn and not the midday. There is no VAR here, but it is clear that you would have to go to it to explain such a puzzling decision-making about something that should be as simple as drawing up a balanced and balanced schedule for all teams.